The Wild Eyes are continuing to grow in strength while gathering kudos from fans of “real” rocknroll music.  Their latest festival  appearance and  Huw’s interview on Radio Wales  can only help them grow.Work is still afoot to release their album later this year. It will surprise many with its musical diversity when it finally sets the controls for the heart of the sun. Read the review here:.

” … the time I arrive, there’s a gaggle of important-looking men wearing expensive-looking headphones readying themselves for headliners The Wild Eyes.
To say the band’s fans are eager is also to say they are poised like a pack of hungry wolves. And as the first note rings out it’s their signal to invade the dancefloor while exhibiting a neat show of unfettered inhibition. The Wild Eyes
Festivals such and Focus Wales always turn up previously unearthed (to my ears at least) treasures and The Wild Eyes are certainly a find.
One lone fan wearing a Brian Jonestown Massacre t-shirt gives a hint as to what is to come. Namely a headrush of exotic psychedelia and lysergic intent – think the brutality of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the orbital transmissions of Spiritualized and the driving staccato rhythms of The Velvet Underground for your starters for 10.
Yet they combine all these elements into something wilfully mesmerising and decidedly of their own measure. It’s to not put too fine a point on it – beyond ace.”


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