The Wild Eyes are on a short Spring tour , taking in dates in Scotland, Milton Keynes, Manchester and Liverpool. make sure you see and support them.

the wildeyes at bloc…the wildeyes with lucid dream 28th feb 2014


“We are jolted out of this little reverie by the announcement from the stage that “We are The La’s. {Huw says he never said that, by the way!!} A bold move to be sure here in Liverpool, especially when they clearly aren’t, and one that immediately makes me like The Wild Eyes (from North Wales, we find out later) a lot. I like them even more when it turns out their sound is an unlikely fusion of Dr Feelgood, The Fall and Liverpool’s own, Clinic. The lad on lead vocals prowls the stage magnificently and cuts a deranged figure who just has to exorcise his demons right in front of us. It is fantastically thrilling stuff. As their set continues, a highly repetitive bleepy noise eminates from the seated keyboardist (to be fair, actually from his keyboard) and the sound could easily be that backing Mark E Smith circa 1977. Wilco{ that’ll be Wilko SIC }Johnson’s influence is most apparent on, what turns out to be the band’s only vinyl release to date, the 7″ single I Look Good On You, one of many highlights tonight from a band I really look forward to finding out more about and would definitely want to catch again.”

feelgood x hawkwind x the fall


“With subterranean gig space The Hold at near capacity at the improbably early time of 8pm,The Wild Eyes shoulder-charge their way into their spiky psych garage missives, sweeping all of the assembled crowd along with them. 

Their recent time spent hunkered down in the studio fine tuning the sonic artillery is devastatingly conveyed as ‘Sweet Teardrops’ given a newly-located motorik undertow juggernauts past, along with a demonically trebly assault on ‘I Look Good On You’. An XL version of ‘TV Junk’ meanwhile concludes only to start up again into an accelerated jam, guided round the changes by frontman Huw Roberts’ Wilko Johnson-style guitar heroics. Switching to more expansive pastures ‘Greenlands’ essayed last showcases the band’s skill at (near) instrumental vistas, the Can inspired piece drifting past beatifically. “

wild eyes ruby lounge

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MAY 2011 : Catch the WILD EYES  on the BIDO LITO PODCAST..Interview and sounds.See link below and hear new interview with Huw and two great tracks from the band..”I Look Good On You” and a brand new, as yet  unnamed workout :


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