REG PARLETT  (1904-1991)

Reginald Edward Parlett (2 August 1904 – 18 November 1991) was an English artist  who had a career of drawing for comics that lasted for 66 years.He was born in London into an artistic   family.His father Harry Parlett (1881–1971) was also a prolific artist whose work appeared in many publications, often without credit, as well as on many picture postcards, which he signed as ‘Comicus’. Reg Parletts’s older brother George (1902–1981) also later became an artist. On leaving school Parlett after an abortive stint as a clerk at the travel agent Thomas Cook he was encouraged to pursue an artistic road.and his father submitted some of his cartoons to Amalgamated Press wher he became a staff member in 1923 , beginning a long career in comics. He was Amalgamered press’s top talent and spent his artistic life with the company until his death in 1991.Parlett spent his war years  drawing maps for the R.A.F, and afterwards  in the late 1940s writing and drawing for Rank’s animation branch  ‘Animaland’ cartoons, working on the animated film Animal Farm , based on George Orwell’s book. During the 1960s he drew  his first newspaper strip, when he took over ‘Just Jake’ published in the newspaper The Daily Mirror.From 1958 he became one of the artists who took over the drawing of the Billy Bunter comic strip in Knockout for which he is probably best remembered. indeed Buster comic celebrated  in the  2 August 1984 issue  and a 1989 issue of  Big comic Fortnight  celebrated his 85th birthday.Parlett was married  to his wife Mary in 1928,  whom he  first met at a dance in 1921and together they  had two sons, Malcolm and Grahame Parlett.Although aware of his work ,especially in Buster and early 1960s Knockout, which I avidly read as a child, I was unable to put a face or  name to his drawings until the publication some thirty years agoin November 1986, of a fine book ,”The Comic Art of Reg Parlett” by Alan Clark  filled in the details and span of his creativity. It is well worth searching out by fans of good comic art.Although I have many ezamples of is work in old Buster comics, more recently I have been searching out some of his earlier pre-war efforts