dave sheridan obituary

OVER twenty years since his unfortunate death, Dave Sheridan’s comix work is all but forgotten, as a cursory search of the web will affirm. I tried to find some critical reference to his artwork but not much appears to have been written about this innovative artistic spirit who in many ways was as big an influence on the burgeoning underground comix movement of the 1960’s and early 1970’s as giants like Robert Crumb and Robert Shelton.[His largely unheralded work can still be seen in the finished art of Shelton’s Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers strip ]This is my attempt to place a footnote of thanks to this all- but- forgotten cartoonist who raised many a chuckle at his observations during the heady days of my misspent youth.I think it prescient to say that it would not be fair to mention Dave Sheridan without also referring to his partner in crime from those blissed- out times, his friend, Fred Shrier, who’s artistic style, mirrored his friend’s in both theme and application.They had been fellow art students in Cleveland.Fred absconded to Afghanistan via joining the Peace Corp and avoiding being drafted to the Vietnam war. From there originated some of his most introspective comic strips.For this reason, I have considered their work as inseperable, and have presented it thus.Their work can be found in two Rip Off Press collections.They produced several issues of both “Mother’s Oats” and “Meef” comics and reprints of a number of their stories appeared in the British “Nasty Tales” in the early 1970’s.Image10243bo1 1239m1 1240m2 1264-b 1322m2b 1323m3a
their stories were printed in the British “Nasty Tales” comics iscan11n the

early 1970’s


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