the comics

The link above connects to pages from my old site , specifically  the four pages about my own involvement with the world of COMICS.

Comics in Ireland and the UK could not start without an exploration  of the twin stalwarts of the comics industry, the Beano and the Dandy. These both began at the end of the 1930s , just before the  start of  World War Two, and have continued and evolved to the present day.The Dandy comic finished its seventy year run recently and is now featured as an online digital comic.the Beano continues.

These comics brought an entire generation  to near- addiction with their weekly doses of cartoon mayhem. Comics Britannia was a four- part  British television series documenting the phenomenum. I have  featured this entire series which was hosted on YouTube but unfortunately it is sometimes no longer available for legal reasons to do with copyrights. The second episode has had the soundtrack muted unfortunately. The BBC should  really release it as a DVD package.It is an excellent social history.


Harvey Pekar talks about his life and comics and his association with Robert Crumb.

Below is the 1987 BBC “Arena” art film on cartoonist Robert Crumb.It pre-dates the  Terry Zwigoff “Crumb” film by several years.


Other pages which follow are concerned with a selection of my own comic-collection which I have amassed over the years and how I got the bug for comics in the first place .Just follow the links below:


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