When is Our Deputy First Minister ,Marty, going to get a little more excited …a little more exercised …..a little more (dare I say it ?) aggressive. Previously this seeming passivity which he has embraced ,has had it place; a calm , cool front when allayed against the banshee wail of vitriol that was issuing like squealing, compressed steam from the likes of Willie McCrea of the DUP; it was always entertaining to behold.It showed up as a glimmer of light against the darkness, but I think now it seems as though the Mogadon-gaze and quiet, lethargic response , is never going to wear off.Where’s the fire in his belly these days ? Where’s the bite of realism? Where’s the spike of incredulity we need to see in the face of complete and utter bloody foolishness issuing from our first Minister? The Chuckle Brothers roadshow of Big Ian Paisley and Our Marty is now old hat, long gone , like some old long-forgotten vaudevillians ,(or should that be “vaudevillains”?) touring an ever-decreasing comedy circuit.
Our Marty dubs Brexit “a disaster” for Northern Ireland, and more troubling still, says that the “out” vote rode roughshod over the principle of “consent” (In this he is off-handedly referring to the that little “lost” clause that there’s to be no change to the constitutional status of the people of Northern Ireland without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland) integral to the outworkings of the Good Friday Agreement.He see that as having been a principle that was a significant concession by his party ,Sinn Fein, when the deal was made.
Well , to my mind, a little thing like “exiting the EU “changes the political landscape completely and if it doesn’t actually change the “constitutional status” it certainly re-arranges the furniture in the house we’ve all just bought shares in…. or better still , sells it off completely ,right in the middle of the deal. The Good Friday deal was one of give and take ,during a specific time frame when we were solid members of the EU, as was the Republic of Ireland, another of our guarantors. Exiting the EU changes all of that and destabilises the relationship . So does this make the Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews Agreement which followed, ,null and void now?
So far it looks as though Martin McGuinness is allowing his partner in government , Arlene Foster , Our Esteemed First Minister , with whom he is supposed to have equal status, to do all the dictatorial sound-bites. It looks very much as though she’s constantly telling us …and him too…exactly what she is going to do and we, poor larrikins ,that we are, can like it or lump it …or all take a long ,running jump .It sounds as though the title “First Minister “has gone to her head already, somehow .Everyone knows that the majority of people in Norneverland , Ireland voted to stay in the EU but she appears to ignore that notion at every turn , continuing to cling to the UK PM’s coattails in their Brexit adventure , claiming it was an all-UK vote that really counts. In doing this she is ignoring what the majority of citizens whom she’s supposed to represent and abandoning their wishes.
More and more I see this PushmepullyoU “Marlene” relationship as an ever more ridiculous concept .How can this partnership continue to work if the two joint coach-horses want to run in different directions at the same time? What happens to the coach they are pulling? For a joint-leadrship , Arlene seems to be allowed to call all the shots.She’s allowing the coach to be pulled off the road .
More and more people are beginning to wonder exactly how much longer this pretence of democracy, we suffer, can stagger on , given that it seems more like a dictatorship with each passing day ,and just  how and where two such obviously inconsequential and powerless  leaders ,such as we have in place , can possibly lead us anywhere. The wheels are coming off the coach and nobody seems to notice.