another year

Another New Year’s Honours List …. in big Capital letters. It’s a very important thing you see…and another Big Row to go with it.

The Christmas festivities are obviously over. They must be , because I’ve already stowed all the decorations and geegaws back in the darkness of the attic . They’ll not sparkle for another twelve months. It gets harder to hoke them out and put them back to rest as the years go by. All that climbing up and down ladders….Local radio is back to normal too of course . It’s all back “live” and on air with the accompanying verbal brawls that are such a comfort to the population .That’s the second Honours List row in the past seven days and there’s also a wee one bubbling under  about Union Jacks on or off driving licences. Will they or won’t they?

Ahhh…. normality reigns again  in Norneverland .Here comes the new year …just like the old year. The same old crookedness came through the Big Big Christian Festival intact, untainted and completely unreconstructed.

Christianity will never take hold in this barren place. Not a chance.There’ll be no turning the other cheek here.

Apparently some local politician was given a  medal by Her Maj.; a nice bit of tin and a ribbon to thank him for his work in local government and for being the mayor of some wee town. Of course he had to stick his foot in his mouth somewhere along the line by accusing the gay community of causing a tsunami or a plague of frogs and somesuch.. and thus  being responsible  for many deaths. He thinks they have that kind of power. these gays…Not supermen …more like the planet-swallowing Galactus. They have that kind of cosmic input. It makes you wonder how some of these characters can walk and talk at the same time.They’ll be back burning old ladies as witches before long.

Anyway , apparently he didn’t just think and dream this fantastical thing.He actually said it out loud sometime and it has seeped into the popular consciousness like a wet fart. How can anyone excuse him ? This place is full of these kinds of fantasists all raving away outside the gates of Bedlam.Now they are giving them medals .Well i suppose , why not ? ..for all the difference it will make.

The thing is,who is responsible for allowing these quacks   near the levers of power at all? Last week it was disclosed that the very holy, Christian , Rev. Willie McCrea of awful sanctimonious country singing fame,and best friend of psychopaths,  wanted to bomb South Armagh at one point during the Troubles …Bomber McCrea…mein gott !!!They’ll be back burning old ladies as witches before long. Now I hear that  First Minister Peter Robinson has accused the Secretary of State of “breaking her word” over parading. I thought that parading hadn’t  even been discussed at all during the three months of “Talks” ,just past.I have to admit that the reporting on this is very vague.It was my assumption that they didn’t want any more discussion about any of that anyway. Didn’t Haass sort it out last year and they rejected it all?

Are we all mad here? you betcha!! Thankfully  Norneverland doesn’t possess the A-Bomb or none of us would be safe.


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