nadaWhy does Peter Robertson  always sound so bad-tempered?

By the sound of things we are about to get another batch of seasonal talks about marching and flags and anything else we can dream up .They “seem” to be scheduled for next Thursday but the Secretary of State wasn’t giving much away on her interview on television’s  “The View” the other might. You’d nearly think she was either playing a very esoteric game of high-stakes poker or she actually really had nothing organised at all. She spoke.We listened .She was asked another question.We listened . She talked and talked like any able politician and the words  issued from her mouth , forming into sentences . We listened again . She talked a little more . Had the talks been arranged for next Thursday? Who was going to chair them ? Will there be a panel? Are there any academics scheduled for the panel? On and on it went.I imagine , the conversation lasted for a full ten minutes.When it came to an end I looked at the television screen and scratched my head. Then I asked myself…not out loud …of course…inwardly ….”Why am I wasting my precious time listening to these non-words?”

The expression..”None the wiser” seemed very apt. i asked myself again, …”How can anyone make a television programme like this and not burst out laughing. I could just see it in the studio …cameramen falling about …editors …best boys ….various technicians …all falling about laughing . This is how you can suck the very life out of someone . Just talk and talk and say Sweet Fanny Adams. She never said a dicky -bird about the proposed talks. She seemed either to be afraid that the very mention of them would put a magical hex on them .To say anything ….anything at all , would superstitiously have the poor, wee delicate politicians   concerned, scampering for the hills like so many  little bunny rabbits, frightened of their own shadows. Don’t mention the dreaded talks !!!

It sounds as though Peter Robinson is bent on making light of the proposed “phantom talks” anyway. He grumbled gruffly that  he wouldn’t be at the opening in any case .He was making sure his diary would have something else for him to do on that day or on any other day that they  might be arranged . He didn’t want to be seen “Starting to Talk” this time around, just in case he might be caught in the spotlight with anyone untouchable. It wouldn’t play too well in East Belfast if he was photographed again with Gerry kelly or anyone from Alliance.

Peter is always in a grump.It’s not a bit of wonder that the reporter and commentator Martina Purdy, has decided to throw her hands in the air  and run off to join a religious group. This lot would drive sane men   to drink.. Imagine having to interview them every day!!!

Speaking of which…it’s about  time to open another bottle of wine.


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