arlene foster

Our First Minister of Norneverland, Arlene Foster , seems to have some fears after the Brexit vote to exit the EU and the loss of EU finances in the future.There is also the fear that the economy will not be so easily sustained without the free-movement of people.
In a letter to the British Government, both herself and Martin McGuinness, the Deputy First Minister who thought she’d already got it totally wrong ,has been forced to compose and write to the British Prime Minister Theresa May…who also thought that Arlene had got it completely wrong :
In the letter, five areas of fear are mentioned :
These are the border, trading costs, the energy market, EU funding and treatment of the agri-food sector.The Sinn Fein Deputy Minister, who also thought she’d got it wrong, was forced to join her in saying that Northern Ireland was uniquly vulnerable ,being the only part of the UK that has a land -border with an EU member state.They are both now realising that the border could become an even greater smugglers’ paradise and a motivation for gangland terrorism to begin all over again. The peace process, they say, is in peril.While the UK as a whole voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48%, in Northern Ireland 56% of people ,voted to remain.We can assume that most of those who voted to leave were DUP supporters.
This is the same politician whose party promoted an exit from the EU only weeks ago. Of course , most of the people in the land thought she was promoting nonsense and voted to stay in resounding numbers but on overall balance the UK pulled every one of us out of the EU because ultimately we are a tiny minority and our opinion barely counts.
Now Arlene Foster is suddenly worried about the future for Norneverland . That sounds a bit rich for any of us who voted to stay.It’s obvious that she hadn’t thought any of this through in any kind of detail and it’s also very obvious that many who supported her stance never thought this thing through either.It’s just a little too late to have doubts about a decision like this, after the event .Why did she not mention her fears before the vote and explain the ramifications of leaving the EU to her followers?I’ve asked myself what she saw that I couldn’t see. Could this be the most foolish political decision for a party ever to make? None of this surprises me in any way.It is just another mad prank in a long line of cartoon politics that we have experienced down through the years here. This time it’s sadly not a joke that can be untold .It is very much a bell that can’t be un-rung .
Now, before the dust has barely settled the DUP will have to go cap-in-hand and beg the British government for money to replace that EU funding. I wonder how the remainder of the people in the UK …in Sunderland and Manchester ,will feel about those Irish asking to replace the billions of pounds sterling that the EU has pumped into Norneverland ….money that has allowed us to live in comparative luxury for this past forty years on our agriculture-based industry , while their own heavy-industry crumbled in front of their eyes .
What it seems Arlene Foster is actually asking for is a return to exactly the same thing she wanted to leave only weeks ago; money rolling in by the truckload for farmers…free-movement of skilled and unskilled labour and an open border once again.So I ask myself again …why did she want everyone to leave the EU in the first place?