thor 2

Well …you’d never know would you. There might be some kind of god out there after all….you know what I mean.Some long-haired beardy -weirdy hippy-type of weather god , sitting  out there somewhere in space, on an asteroid, twiddling his thumbs and wondering what to do next to these wee humans .Imagine a bored relative of Thor , the mighty god of thunder, whom we named Thursday after. If we can name a day of the week after one of those freaks , it shouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination…right?

Okay..it might even be the Mighty  Thor himself , come to think of it. Anyway, there he was sitting around… a little bored…as the world turned and we,  little denizens in Norneverland entered the new year of  2015.Suddenly, in the wettest little island on planet earth the unthinkable happened….. the water ran out because there was an overtime strike at the Norneverland Water  Plant and before you know it the fresh water supplies stopped flowing and  people couldn’t have their morning shower and their morning pot  of Punjana. They had to resort to the fields with a short shovel , to address any call of nature concerning their nether regions, as they had done in centuries past , alongside all the other  little creatures ,because the lavatories were no longer functional.Norneverland had entered the Third World overnight…and here’s you thinking we were all there already.

That’s when the miracle  came ….Let them have some snow.!!Immediately the plan was put in place and before you knew it, salvation of a sort , was at hand . The temperature dropped and snow began to fall heavily. We all know who caused that , don’t we? The snow could be scooped up and  melted to provide enough water to flush the loos and cook the dinner. A miracle of sorts… ..falling right out of the skies.

You know, as I sip my Punjana , I sometimes wonder why the concept of “overtime ” exists at all. I always thought the very idea and existence of it only encouraged employers to pay their workers as little as possible and also encouraged  an unhealthy greed in those workers who felt they weren’t earning enough already. I reasoned that a good day’s work for a fair day’s pay should be the goal.Working overtime appeared to be a declaration that the employer was not employing enough workers already, nor paying them enough , to do the amount of work required. If a person had to work longer ,extra  hours for a higher hourly wage , then he was also keeping another man from getting a job. Two men working for time and a half wages overtime were keeping another man from getting a job. The maths make sense don’t they? One and a half multiplied by two makes three.So there should be three men employed in the first place and not two……right?

Not only that ;the practice of working “overtime ” has even greater social implications, beyond the actual job. If the person has a family , working those extra hours keeps that person away from home longer .Working those extra hours will make him or her more tired and irritable and possibly prone to an accident while driving home .Relationships and  the basic social glue can suffer. Then there are the household duties to consider and helping  with the supervision of children and  various household chores. Many people also  use the idea of overtime to actually “hide”  from their home responsibilities  and stay at work. The people who enjoy overtime tend to be people who are not pushed too hard in their employment  first place. Someone working  really hard will be glad to get well away from the job at the end of their day. There are people who will work night and day,  of course, seven days a week , if they can get away with it .Somebody called them “workaholics”, as though it was some form of mental illness, or maybe even , greedy bastards. These people need protection too….If even from their own impulses.

Maybe the Mighty Thor could sort that little lot out too.It would appear that our Norneverland politicians are struggling again..


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