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What do you think about soldiers being exempt from the rule of law during conflict? Currently there is a proposal espousing something not unlike that notion.Under proposals being pondered , British soldiers would be protected from legal action brought using European Court of Human Rights legislation.It is reckoned it is too easy to prosecute troops fighting in a war zone, I suppose.


I’ve always thought that the idea of “war” as a sort of real-life grown -up game with rules that could be used …and indeed broken , too …was a slightly ludicrous concept.The very idea that killing , theft and acquisition could be played like a fine blood-sport ,akin to hunting down animals for fun, was perfectly fine ,if certain rules and niceties were adhered to. Remember how , back in the day ,proper soldiers fought in neat regimental lines or little square blocks, inching across the war-board, dropping as the stood, to order. To defer from that orderly state of play and do something like wage guerrilla war, for example …..well…it simply wasn’t cricket, I suppose.
Somehow it is forgotten that war is the ultimate contact sport and that it is ,naturally enough, played hard and it is played for keeps.


Setting all those peregrinations of thought ,aside for a brief moment , let’s see what is being proposed and why.The latest Prime Minister Theresa(Mayday) May has bullied -up her Conservative Party conference speech and very transparently pumped up the blood and rallied her own party “troops” by referring to standing by “our bravest of the brave”…the Tommy at the pointy -end of any future adventures she might like to partake in ,to buff up her future CV and portfolio. Maggie Thatcher was very successful with that neat trick too ,when she invented an Argentine War over the Falkland Islands, back in the day.That really grabbed the headlines, didn’t it? It kind of balanced out the fact that she was also knocking seven shades out of the mining community.


Under these proposals the soldiers would still be subject to International Humanitarian Law, including the Geneva Convention and the UK criminal law.Apparently this has been announced after the firm(Public Interest Lawyers )that is usually responsible for filing claims against the armed forces has closed down; the clue for the closure might be in that name.


Mrs Mayday immediately brought the military onside in her new government, by stating that she thought this was a necessity and was quoted as saying that this would ensure that those “who serve on the frontline will have our support when they come home”……. “We will repay them with gratitude and put an end to the industry of vexatious claims that has pursued those who served in previous conflicts.”


Apparently since 2004 the Ministry Of Defence has spent over £100 million on Iraq -related incidents on the “battlefield”.This includes the cost of various inquiries and ,of course ,compensation.I would imagine that given those kinds of top-dollar(er ….sterling!) figures that there must not have been much smoke without some kind of fire involved.Why so many claims? What has happened is that the European Court of Human Rights has drifted ,like smoke, from the day- to -day world of ordinary life, to also sneak sinuously into the grisly world of the bloody battlefield ,where sometimes the rules of “right and wrong” are bent out of shape.Well you can imagine what might happen when a jacked-up , strung out , frightened ,testosterone -driven teenager, or young man, is shit-scared , raised on British comics …and has a gun in his hands…Can’t you?


So anyway, this new plan takes these obvious concerns onboard and seeks to exempt or “deroate” in the current parlance from the European Convention of Human Rights during any current conflict. That sounds just Jim Dandy , doesn’t it ? These Europeans are always meddling in everyone’s fun and affairs anyway …Isn’t that why we really wanted out of the EU? The bottom line for the taxpayer is that hand -outs of all that claim -money is costing the Man In The Street a clean fortune and it’s turning the troops into namby- pambies who are afraid to crack skulls and do the job they’ve been trained to do.After all you don’t teach a man to shoot a gun if you don’t want him to kill something with it .Isn’t that right?


Anyway, just look at the hassle and handling the troops got into in Norneverland, Ireland, when they were only doing what they were told, eh .The files of all those suspect deaths have had to be buried until another entire generation has died – off or has forgotten everything. That way there ‘ll be no paydays for anyone. That’s how it’s always worked , isn’t it?