Now that every Irish person is to be allowed to vote for the future President of Ireland, already Tom Elliot the Ulster Unionist MP wants to make it difficult for them , even though he too has every right to vote.It is hardly credible.The anamoly has always been that any Irish person could stand and actually be the President, but until now anyone living in Northern Ireland or futher afield could not vote. That’s about to change ,but Mr Elliot doesn’t want any polling stations to be set up for people to vote in within Northern Ireland.
This is typical Norneverland lunatic thinking, of course and it is only to be expected from a person or persons who want to cut off his nose to spite his  face. It is not that Mr Elliot is being denied anything or is having anything taken away; indeed he is being offered something  extra but he wants to deny others and also make it as hard as is possible for everyone else to vote to accept the right and the gift.He says that “it would be imposing on the people of Northern Ireland”, but how can that possibly be the case when he can as easily abstain or vote? It would be his choice entirely whether or not he got involved  .In elections at the moment there is no law in place which makes it compulsory to vote for anyone, but if we all have the right to vote and some might want to use that vote , what exactly is the man’s problem?