The sky is clean , clear blue, so it’s time at last. Time to get a  particular job done . They’re arguing away on the radio as usual, so i already know from past experience how this will all pan out .Sinn Fein and the DUP at at it again. This time it’s about something that we all thought might have been parcelled up and agreed on just before last  Christmas. It makes you really wonder what  these politicians are actually being paid for.So here we are three months later and we’ve paid them all another three months wages for something that they haven’t done yet. Remember , just for a moment how they spent nine weeks of prevarication to the point of stasis …before crashing to a hasty, botched conclusion right at the mouth of the Christmas jollies.. We all expected no more than this anyway…

Now if you’d paid a painter to do a job ,say , for example,  tricking out three or four rooms,to your delectation and instruction, some three to six  months ago, you might just now be at the verge of steaming if said man- of -trade  hadn’t made things right for you  .The vapours might just be starting to seep out of your ears by now.

This is the crux of it .When I have  a job to do , I try to make a bit of time to get it sorted out .I knew as Springtime was starting up, that my honeybees would gradually start to need some attention .I’d have to sort out their hive boxes and build new frames .I ‘ve already organised some of  that already. There were a couple of rainy days, inside,  putting together eighty new wax frames and half a dozen brood boxes in a few spare hours.The matter at hand now is the roof of my big shed. There are a few leaks in it that the winter’s rain and winds have exposed.It needs to be tackled now , as a priority before all the other little summer  jobs begin to pile up.

This is what you’d call a window of opportunity.So I’m up on the roof with a bucket of “Black Jack” roofing – tar and  a couple of cheap , disposable “Pound Shop brushes”, trying to waterproof the roof before the rain gets in and destroys everything. While I’m slopping on this gunk  on the roof,  apparently our Great Leaders Peter and Martin  are actually  on an aeroplane on their  way to America ,while the roof threatens to blow off Stormont and their seat of government. They could be sitting silently fuming and huffing at opposite ends of the ‘plane like partners in an ill-fitting marriage . Of course, Peter has hurt Martin before with his letter from Florida which crashed Martin’s plans for the Maze Project. Perhaps this crashing of the new agreement is simply payback time . Partners in marriages can hurt each other very badly at times.

As I’m kneeling  on the roof  in the sunshine, painting away meditatively , a rook sitting across on the  old television aerial is grumbling his cracked vocalisings about my intrusion into  his sky-realm and lets rip with  a stream of guano, as if in protest. One of my honeybees, freed in this sudden sunshine, flies down to investigate .She must have been curious about this big creature sitting  high up in the way of her own  flight -path. Or maybe she liked this curious new smell of fresh tar, barming in the Spring warmth .

Like most people out there in Norneverland,economics wouldn’t be my strong suit .In fact , talk of money actually makes my eyes glaze over and my hands shake.It is not one of my philistine obsessions .I wish someone would explain to me what it is they hadn’t actually agreed on …and why it  took the best part of six months to figure that  out. That’s the thing. How can they make a deal when either side doesn’t actually know what  it was they agreed on? Of course , we’re now swinging into  electioneering-mode  and the annual  Norneverland Marchingfest  is probably being organised in small halls throughout the land , so all brainpower will be re-directed soon into bitching about where we can or cannot walk. The window of opportunity is a small one each year.

It strikes me it’s time for Sinn Fein and the DUP  to get their tar buckets out and begin fixing that hole in the roof before the rain gets in.We all know that the roof won’t fix itself and the only alternative availabe is some kind of Joint -Rule between Westminster and Dublin and nobody seems too keen on that scenario.


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