I waited ….and waited …but no-one picked up on it until late last night.Earlier in the day Our First Minister Incarnate ,Peter Robinson , again betrayed his true feelings of bigotry and distrust against a section of the population he was supposed to serve . He has already insulted the Muslim community in the past..They were only trustworty enough to go to the shop for him, he said , if memory serves …and that probably reflects the paranoia inherent in the political party he runs..and then yesterday he insulted a huge section of the community who voted Nationalist or Republican. I have to say , his surly, charmless arrogance has always been astonishing given his position as First Minister and the wonder is that he hasn’t been censured before now for what amounts to a form of hate -speech.In Norneverland , it’s a sad fact that stuff like that sometimes passes as humour.
In yet another clownish piece of schoolboy japery he has pulled yet another stunt out of Roger the Dodger’s “Book of Dodges” he and his fellow ministers resigned except for {ho! ho!} Arlene Foster whom he placed in his stead as First Minister while still holding her remit as Minister of Finance. It’s telling that she was referred to as his “Gatekeeper”…placed there in case those awful Nationalists and Republicans should steal any of the silver while he is offside recovering from that throat infection.It’s a way of pretending to leave the stage but still keep a spy there in case of poachers. He sees his partners in government and by extension , almost half of the population, as thieves, ne’er do wells and vagabonds. It’s telling that the DUP are more interested in the money than in anything else.Yes hang onto the money at all costs and never mind that you’ve abandoned the Zombie Assembly on trumped -up charges.
Peter was out-foxed in the end . Prime Minister Cameron and his vassal, Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers decided it wouldn’t be in their best interests to suspend the Assembly , so his exit with all his other other ministers was at best something of a dud squib.There was no explosion…only a fizzle and a dull “phut”.
On the television ,politics show”the View”, Arlene Foster , his stand-in ,in the new Zombie Assembly of the Walking Dead, reiterated her boss Peter’s insult and it was only later in the programme that Professor Deirdre Heenan made a comment about her disparaging language and intent.Throughout the previous hours reporting , nobody had actually mentioned this elephant in the room .We know, of course , that this has been the unionist default position since the very beginning of the government …indeed since the very beginning of the state all those years ago .
That is really why we are in the ludicrous situation of a Zombie Assembly now. There will always be murder on the streets .That happens in every city in the world where there are criminals .It’s happening right now somewhere, but it usually doesn’t predicate the abandonment of government …especially if no-one is charged with any crime. The bigger test is whether or not the public will notice that they are being governed by the undead as opposed to the living.

Somehow , I doubt it.