It looks like Garth Brooks fans and everyone in Brazil should form a Losers’ Club, or all sign up for Post Traumatic Stress councelling. The cancellation of Garth’s five concerts in Dublin and the host nation Brazil’s inglorious exit from the World cup have happened within mere hours of each other and here we all are sitting about worrying over something as insignificant as a “Graduated Response” from a clatter of our unionist politicians and assorted discontented wee boys who want to walk around in circles.. If only they’d put the same degree of thought into making life a little safer for those of us poor eejits who are paying their wages every day.
Anyway what are our troubles compared to the heartbreak of the Garthies and the tears of an entire Brazilian nation. Coffee drinkers will be in the doldrums and that cup of Santos 2 will never have the same aroma again .The bitter taste will always be a bitter, salutary reminder of their defeat by the Germans in this World Cup . Not any defeat either . A humongous 7 goals to 1 measly little score, from the country that brought glamour and grace to the game.There are a lot of broken hearts.
It is undoubtly a very sad result for both parties , but what are you guys trying to do ? With all this wailing and gnashing of teeth across the entire planet about things that are almost religious to a lot of very disappointed folks , it’s bound to take the heat away from our little pissant troubles such as a self-inflicted hosing down by the police or having to camp out in a caravan for the next twenty five years .
Apparently there are still some people stranded at some wee church at some place quaintly called Drumcree ,for this past sixteen years or so .They have no notion as to how they’ll ever get back home either. In any other country the authorities would be sending out searchers, sniffer dogs and the like. If they were stranded down a coal mine , nobody would stop until they were all home. Then there’d be television programmes about their rescue and their stories would all be bought up by the slavering would be a really hot news item.
No , i’m afraid that short of doing something as extraordinary as banning women from shopping, I don’t think anyone is going to care too much. Football and a certain kind of glossy country music obviously has greater charm for a lot of people . I’m really glad that none of those three mentioned religions holds any glamour for me .
Mind you , if they banned shopping for a month , I’d never be able to listen to the wife.


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