jim carrey dumb-and-dumberer-220alfred e neuman 1stooge moepoots 1It’s a fine open morning in October and the honeybees are still flying .indeed the big purplish -blue passionflowers, hanging off the trellis ,on the deck , are open and in mad, tattered bloom and the bees are wrecking through the big stamens looking for a late season treat. They haven’t settled to the idea of Winter- coming yet, it would seem. The 264seasons are as topsy -turvy as the politics in Norneverland.It’s all- of- a- piece, as my father would have said.
It makes intriguing television at least .That Edwin Poots display live on the air , broadcast last night on the “Nolan Show”. I don’t believe I’ve seen such an unwarranted explosion of pure blind atavistic , primitive , hatred spat out at another human being, or a representative of an entire group of people. Alex Maskey was the recipient of all this ire. It reminded me of the mad television encounters in Norneverland in the 1960’s ,just before the “Troubles” left the evening television , political debate spots and exploded into violence onto the grimy streets.Yeah …love thy neigbour, baby!! Christianity …in all its mellifluous glory.
I found myself asking “Is Edwin Poots actually insane?” I watched him on the show as he sat stony faced, looking for all the world like one of the undead,a man who’d much rather be standing alone in a large field staring into the distance at a herd of cows , rather than sharing the air with his enemies . He has just said he and his colleagues had to “hold their noses” in order to do business with their fellow Sinn Fein ministers in Stormont. No one asked him, in return, how it felt to deal with the festering , fuming undead.
I looked at the man, taking in his Mr Spock , Star Trek-styled ears, his Alfred E. Neuman upper lip and his Jim Carrey “Dumb and Dumber”/Three Stooges haircut , realising that this man has already carried many crosses, but it was his outburst of insane anger when under pressure that made me think that the man has been irreparably damaged by holding back his obvious hatred .Keeping it in check and under wraps was obviously not the best thing to do for an extended period of time, but thankfully that particular cat was finally allowed out of that uncomfortable bag and was allowed to howl its hatred to the heavens. I wasn’t shocked .but I’m sure many were astounded by his level of animosity. Many expect more from politicians.He said “many in our community can’t stand the stench of Sinn Fein in government” .Well we all knew that , didn’t we?Many think he’s being very reasonable, of course but others think that a hatred like that makes him unsuitable for public service.How could such a man be even-handed?
Like I say it made great television but it was not a great look for anyone …especially someone doing politics in a shared Assembly.It was useful in the sense that we’ve only seen this full-blown hatred in little piecemeal pieces from the likes of Peter Robinson and Arlene Foster in recent days but this was really a bumper edition of hatred .
Meanwhile the Health Minister /ex Health Minister/ every so often Health Minister….. Simon Hamilton ,is making a case that the job should really only merit part-time wages in future days as he’s demonstrating that a capable person should be able to run the department by popping into the office on one or two days per week .Hopefully we’ll eventually be able to adjust the minister’s wages and maybe he’ll be able to fit another wee job flipping burgers in MacDonald’s to make up for the shortfall, on his days off.. In fact , if we only need our First Minister on a part time basis , maybe his wage bill could be halved too. While we’re budgeting , counting every penny , these are savings possibilities surely worth pursuing .
A woman was on the radio just now , saying that Mr Poots should be brought back to replace Mr Hamilton as Health Minister . She said he did a much better job, but in my view I’m afraid Mr Poots anger management problems should actually make him unfit to have any place at all in any kind of governmental position .I’m afraid he’s blown his top and blown it all in the process.Better that he should stand in that field staring at those cows.