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“As sure as apples is apples and oranges is oranges”
It is laughably ridiculous. Sammy Wilson of the DUP is on the radio now talking about anything but the real reason the Executive had to be closed down and why his party colleague Arlene Foster had to be made step down. Let’s make no bones about that “made” .She had to be removed from her position.There wasn’t a choice.She had gone “rogue” and assumed a few super -powers that she really didn’t have in her gift.
To Mr Wilson it was all about the” Orange and the Green” and it was very obvious that he was much more comfortable dealing with life under those simple terms. Nothing mattered more to him .He didn’t care about DUP scandals ; they were somethin that everyone else had invented to do him down.All he worried about was keeping unionism ahead of the pack at whatever cost and to hell with incompetence….to hell with chicanery ….to hell with criminality.if you wanted a unionist leader in government , anything is a price worth paying as far as Sammy is concerned.
He seemed to have no conception that his party leader, Arlene Foster as the First Minister with specific responsibilities to everyone ,alongside the Deputy First Minister, had actually lost the run of herself.It is really as simple as that .She had finally lost the plot.
She had “forgotten” ,or more likely never wanted to accept the simple little fact that she was part of a Joint Ministry, but thought she was somehow also above the law of the land.She refused to countenance stepping aside while an investigation took place into her awful retrospective antics in office, so there was no alternative but to remove her; the only way to remove her was to remove the office itself. That was what her Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness was forced to do, to get the message through her skull.Sammy ‘s skull was equally as wooden.He saw no problem in keeping this wayward minister in office.Had it been a Sinn Fein minister or indeed an Alliance or a UUP minister going off on a unilateral rant , while dragging the Speaker in her or his slipstream , would he have thought the same? Somehow , I do not think so .
In his version of reality , she was above the law and certainly would not and should not take advice from her own office.Mad or what?, you might ask. In what other reality would this be possible? In retrospect, this behaviour was symptomatic of her style right through her political career; she seems to have been led by the hand by Peter Robinson and he had only disengaged when everything fell apart, but like some unwholesome boil , this was the moment when the puss had finally popped.
She refused to take advice from her very own office to step aside while investigations into the “Loot for Soot” RHI scandal took place and acted like a prima donna when she should have attempted to disport herself with just a little grace .There was no other way to describe her silly behaviour. The fact that the advice came from her partner and that he happened to be a member of Sinn Fein should have been of no consequence; the advice in the end ,had been sound as it was to subsequently be proven.
Sammy Wilson then almost went apoplectic on radio with Steven Nolan. In a purposely convoluted diatribe he attempted to explain and/or possibly avoid explaining his recent radio interview with the already, unusually , badly -informed and ill-prepared broadcaster ,John Humpries on BBC radio 4 .Although we, here, in our political isolation , already know every small detail of a succession of nepotistic DUP scandals prior to this scheme , the public and commentators futher afield have no such interest or knowledge , having long-since taken their collective eyes from the ball and long considered that Norneverland had been politically “fixed” already .Little did they know of the struggles we’ve had with racism, hatred and finances.
Sammy had told Mr Humphries the lie that the RHI scheme was the exact same scheme that had been used in the UK ,when in fact, this was a blatant and very transparent untruth. That untruth took to the airwaves across Middle England where it might have been given a cursory listen at best .It meant that Humphries would have no ammunition to probe any further , so he had been essentially fobbed off. The £490 billion DUP RHI scandal was covered-up one more time
Wilson’s response to Steven Nolan’s probings was his usual shtick of throwing in a series of ever more convoluted distractions to lead the questioner astray. This kind of nonsense is what amounts to politics for the DUP and it obviously finds much favour with their followers. Nolan was like a terrier chasing a rat as he attempted to bring it all back to the fact that Arlene Foster’s office ,at the time ,had actually introduced the scheme and that she encouraged it, but also tweaked it in such a way that the Norneverland lunatic version of it had no cap on it so that money could be burnt at random with no censure.We’ve come to regard such absurdist behaviour as the normal stuff of life here .Some think of it as some mad fairy tale and you can easily see why.
None of this mattered to Sammy .To him it’s all about” the Orange and the Green ” and the price of this kind of nonsense is of no consequence whatsoever. Other DUP ministers are promoting this same line .To them it is not about the misuse of office , the long list of scandals, the incompetence of their ministers, the possible criminality of the First Minister or at best her stupidity, the hatred in their hearts for muslims, gays, anything Irish and  so ,and so ,and so on , and on and on and so on and so on and so on ……
“Orange and Green” has always worked before in their minds and that is the election road they will take again.They look to the past mistakes for sustenance and that seems to suit those who vote for them too .No Surrender!!!….backs to the walls boyos!!!….circle thewagons!!! …prepare for boarders!!! That same old nonsense was beginning again as each one of the political team stepped up to once again to stand together and re-write plain truths to suit their own narrow narrative that they were the only victims and everyone else was out to do them down for no good reason.
I think it will be a long time before they will ever develop any newer vision that looks to a much more complex future. It’s looking like they’ll never be actually capable of sharing power with anyone .I think Sinn Fein have just spent ten years in proving that very point .