no talking 2

Speaking at a Co-Operation Ireland dinner in Belfast last night, the Secretary of State said the parties involved in” the Talks” were “engaging seriously and constructively in an effort to make genuine progress”.

Go on then , read that again. Go on . That in a nutshell is politics in Norneverland.The emperor is again romping about naked, making fun of us all .Strutting about bare -arsed while pretending to be wearing gleaming finery.It would appear  we only pay the wages for this lot so  that they can sit on their hands at dinners , while being spoon-fed lobster bisque. i would call her  statement a very transparent untruth.What else is it?

The Talks never started. We all knew that they wouldn’t. They had already been talked out the year previously and conclusions were reached .It was the acceptance of the conclusions that were remiss. We’ve now had four weeks of pretence. and we’re supposed to be holding our collective breath while awaiting our politicians to hammer out a solution or two in the latest “Talks”. That would conjecture some difficulty in that the DUP haven’t actually talked to anyone about anything while pretending to want a solution to our problems. Do they hope that if they close their eyes it will all go away before the elections come around? I think their followers want them to do that . Hold the fort .Don’t negotiate with anyone . Don’t give an inch about anything . Ah, to hell with all these politics.They’re for wimps.No surrender!

Or something like that, eh? DUP ministers appear to have a somewhat lawless carte blanche to behave inapppropriately at every turn.Forget about all these politics , y’boy ye . Stick  the boot in. Negotiation appears to be a weakness in that debate only brings about logical conclusions that always  bring  an apparent loss of ground. The problem is that politics, if about nothing else, is about making deals. It has no other purpose;otherwise we would all be beating each other with clubs. The DUP is very happy to insult anyone outside their tent but are not so sure-footed when it comes down to logic.


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