“The First Minister does not take her instructions from Sinn Féin, but from the electorate.”
That was the statement issued after Martin McGuinness advised his coalition partner First Minister Arlene Foster ,that it might be the most advised option given that she was the entire focus of the “Cash for Ash “scandal and that remaining in office while the scandal ensued might actually damage the office which she jointly- manages with her Sinn Fein cohort.
That’s a very odd and arrogant thing to say , or even to believe, you might think.There appears to be something very remiss with her thinking in that she appears not to realise that she is in a “Joint Ministry” with her Sinn Fein colleague and that his role is of equal status to her own; the “First Minister” title actually being in place only for the “optics” because neither party can exist without the support of the other; without one of the partners the whole circus will simply collapse..When the roles are eventually reversed , that will still be the position. It is why there is now a government(sort of!) and an Opposition. i think she’s possibly not read that chapter of the story or has willfully misunderstood her role .
There is also her perception that her soon -to- be -ex-colleague, the sanctimonious and god -fearing , Mr Jonathan Bell ,is actually a bully and has intimidated her “poor defenceless female presence” during office hours in the past when the evidence is there in front of us all in her own argumentative, bullying style . He is about to sue her for comments she made about him. To most onlookers , far from being cowed by anyone , male or female, she appears to have no real conception of her own public persona, at all.We can see the oily nature of Mr Bell and the brazen, on his knees, god-worrying haplessness. On the other hand, she seems to be the kind who is quite capable of arguing that a black crow is actually white and indeed is currently in the process of attempting that very debate. The public are not so easily fooled but might simply be prepared to pay the price to maintain the illusion that a unionist minister is actually in charge of something when she is patently not.
You’d imagine that had she really been in charge that Mr Bell would have beeen sacked for harrassment long ago and that she would not have wasted £480 million of our money in her disasterous scheme.It remains to be teased out exactly which  nests have been feathered in that ridiculous scheme and whose pockets have been filled in the process …..and if some of these benefactors will be prepared to bail Arlene out with a “cashback deal”