Curious and curiouser. The relatives of the victims want to re-open the Birmingham Bomb inquest on the basis that much new evidence has come to life.I was writing recently about the fact that there always seems to be a parallel story running beneath the “official” story that we are constantly being fed . One narrative is deemed suitable for current popular consumption at the given time and another fable than may have more hoary , jagged truths sticking out of it like bramble spines is hidden away from prying eyes. A story to be approached more gingerly and preferably with gloved hands.
The Birmingham bombing in 1974 was a calculated act of terror aimed at making plenty of impact in the UK. The thinking being that blowing up the economy of Belfast and Norneverland, while bleeding Britain dry , wasn’t going to make any difference to the complacency of everyday life in Britain . Something closer to home would be deemed a blow of greater significance.So it happened that one of the targets was a pub in Birmingham. The IRA claimed it but the the powers that be arrested and imprisoned six innocent men for the deed.They were eventually released after much abuse and many years in prison, when their cases were quashed in 1991.
Now it seems that even at this stage there was adouble-agent working within the IRa who had warned prior to the bombing .It has been floated that these six men were known to have been innocent from the very first but were deemed expendable to protect the “mole” working undercover within the security forces.
Ashley Underwood QC, who represents some victims’ families, said there was “reason to believe it’s the case that :
“There is reason to believe the gang of murderers had an informant in their ranks and that the police knew in advance.”
“And there is reason to believe the police had sufficient time, between the telephone warnings and the first bomb going off, to evacuate – and that the emergency services could have arrived earlier – but that records about those things were falsified.”
Depending on your political persuasion , you might believe that either this was a gang of heartless murderers with evil intent or a cooly efficient blow against the empire by Irish republicans. The result is much the same in that many innocent people died in a bomb blast and six other innocent men spent the best part of two decadesimprisoned unfairly.
There has always been talk that the real perpetrators were never caught and now we have another reason to wonder just why that is.
Hot on the heels of the “Stakeknife” double-agent intrigue comes this latest chapter of possible chicanery. It’s is becoming very evident that the British Government have a lot of very interesting stories on the back-burner. I wonder how many more will bubble to the surface in these coming months.