happy talk

Are the talks over already? i think the Prime Minister has left the building holding his tattered chequebook  tightly to his breast. Nine weeks  of “talking” they said . I wonder how many minutes of “talking” there actually  were in those nine weeks.Nine weeks is a fairly large wedge of time .You could possibly build a house in that timespan , if you put some effort into it. Whole stretches of motorway have been tarred in that time; crops have been harvested;factories have churned out thousands of products on production lines; men and women have finished hard -working weeks, sore and weary ; seasons have changed .What have our politicians achieved ? How have they earned their wages?

The DUP didn’t want to talk about anything , in the first place ,  anyway .They don’t really like the way logical discussion pans out ….nor do their followers.So is everything all over ?

Yesterday Theresa Villiers ,our Secretary of State ,looked lovingly up into Prime Minister David Cameron’s eyes as   that big glossy, glowing and  well-polished face,  waffled about  his commitment to helping  sort out a deal for us wee Norneverlanders . Every rounded honeyed word was met with adoration .She was really glad that her boss had stepped in to take the weight from her narrow shoulders, if only momentarily.It was as if Einstein  or Hawking was about to unveil the final Theory of Everything.

Today it’s a different story . Sinn Fein are already extolling noisily about the paltry  billion pounds that Mr Cameron had  apparently offered if  the parties had sorted everything out by Christmas .It was never going to happen anyway .If it could have happened , it would have been Mr Haass making the announcement this time last year. Theresa Villiers has now been left to try and keep the process moving on her own. I’m sure she feels deflated, but she’ll get used to it and the salary will continue to trickle into her bank account anyway.

Peter Robinson is now  stepping up to the microphone….hush!…He’s telling us that they want to keep digging in that  same lucrative trench they call their ministries; in other words , neither the DUP or Sinn Fein want this gravy train to stop anytime soon. The DUP still believe that they have not actually discussed the Parades and Flags Problem at all …at any time . They’ve told everyone this, so how could that issue be expected to be sorted out? You might ask , what they think they  were supposed to be doing in there the first place.

I said it before . It’s the pantomime season and this show looks like running for years to come .It looks like becoming our very own “The Mousetrap”. I could become Norneverland’s longest running Christmas Show .Only the actors will change.

You might know  that “the Mousetrap” opened in the West End of London in 1952,the year I was born, and has been running continuously since then. It has by far the longest initial run of any play in history, with its 25,000th performance taking place on 18 November 2012.

I think our politicians simply need to tighten up their dialogue and they’ll have a real long-runner.Come back next year folks!


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