graduated responseJeffrey Donaldson  was on  the Nolan Show  yesterday, telling us all that they want more talks.This is the day after his Great Leader , Peter has already told us all that the local government is not “fit for purpose”. So how will more talks improve it in any way? The reason we are really in this position is because every time talks reached  a logical conclusion the DUP walked away or stuck their heads in the sand … or had a new set of talks or have a “Petition of Consent” to block a logical conclusion. They try to pretend otherwise , but it’s there right in front of your eyes.You don’t even need faith…just the ability to look and see.

As Jack Nicholson’s character said in “A Few Good Men” : “Some people can’t handle the truth”. Sadly it is a bald fact. The best minds on the planet will not change that sad conclusion . They might go into a room with Albert Einstein but when they leave, Albert would be shaking his head in abject wonder ….the horror! Mr Haass came to the same answer .We’ll never see his like again. Every time the summer ends and the holiday is over , the DUP flags up another piece of theatrical nonsense for the Autumn months. Last year Peter came up with the Maze project ban. That kept the argument raging as the days cooled.An alternative would have been to accept the investment potential and suck up as much money as was offered .They allowed that to be derailed .Had it gone through , most of us would have forgotten about it by now and a lot of people would have jobs on the back of it..

Jeffrey also told Nolan that it was because of their great leadership that we had a peaceful summer .The Chief Constable said so, apparently. So does that mean that all that violence from the year before was because of  their poor leadership that year? Most of us thought so at the time. Does this also mean that the DUP can turn this tap on and off when it suits them? Well most of us think that too, don’t we?

What we are now looking at is Joint Rule. It is the only thing that they’ll get. They’ll never get London to take back this stinking kettle of fish on their own. Especially with Scotland bubbling away in the stew. They’ve been steering us all in this direction with their “graduated response” for months.There’ll be no Direct Rule . What they want is for Dublin and London to take the reins. That way they’ll be back in their comfort zone of having someone to blame, rather than being blamed themselves for a poor performance. They’ll also have the Bogey Man of Dublin to stir up the street troops.That’s the kind of thing that galvanised them in the past. A new “Ulster Says No” campaign would  fire up the unionist population again.The wilder fringes of loyalism  and the fuzzier fringes of the OUP would have something to rally around again. All together again …just like the good old days. All that’s needed is a charismatic nutcase to get up and bellow and blow paranoia up the arses of the baaing sheep . They need a wolf. A firebrand to howl at the moon for them.

There’s bound to be one of those hanging about in the wings waiting to take to the stage.


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