It changes everything .Outside , overnight  the mundane has been made ready for  a chocolate -box photoshoot. The next thing you’ll know is that a wee robin will hop onto the fence and start preening for the camera. There he is as I write …right on cue , his orange puffed chest the only   spot of hue …  a flash of reddish -orange  colour blazing out on a backdrop of shimmering  fondant whiteness . The drab winter garden had been rusted down to ochres ,browns and siennas .Now everything is aglow with  white cake topping.All piled up , making  cracked flowerpots and  shabby old bins ,new  romantic creations. I hope the sudden brightness doesn’t encourage my honeybees to venture out from their torpor . They’ll die a sudden death if they touch any of that whitened glory. It’s a pity though that Mother Nature picked this particular night for the transformation. My daughter texted that it was blowing in from Boston. Unfortunately I have to schlep on down town and  visit the bank and I’d much prefer to sit snugly inside and take in all this undoubted beauty.

Back in the real world, even though school children are cheering as they bounce out of bed to build snowmen , released from the clutches of school for a day or two, the reality , of course, is that the politicians are tussling on the radio about not being allowed to enter the forthcoming television election debates .  The powers that be in the UK don’t want them turning their cosy wee chats and  schoolboy ,carping bickering into a confusefest of bitching, hatred  and baloney The Norneverland parties seem to be getting above themselves by actually believing they are living within a democratic process and feel they should be part of the fun . This is one party they are not being invited to , so they are having a bit of a sulk behind the closed door.They’ve been  told to get a grip and behave themselves.” Keep quiet , you there at the back….isn’t it enough that we fund all your nonsense and let  you play at politics in your own wee Norneverland “parliament” , without getting ideas above your station.

Anyway …back to the snow .I’ll have to put the wellington boots on and clear  a foot of snow off the car , wrap up and get down to the bank .If i make it  and return safely. normal service may well return….soon


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