I had barely placed the glass to my lips before I was  already afloat in an ocean of cliches. Each lapping,  bland wave  threatened to sink me at any moment.I ‘d switched the television over to “The View”. The view in question is a  weekly televisual  study of Norneverland politics. I’d been happily grazing on a re-run of  Tarantino’s black comedy on World War Two films, “Inglourious Basterds” but my wife quickly brought me to attention with, “How many times have you seen that before?”

I’ve got to say ,I do enjoy Tarantino’s quirky devilment, at times . Not always , you understand , but he’s made some really interesting films. In this film , the performance of the Nazi Jew Hunter is  a comic -book study   in villainy  brought ably to life by the very fine and meticulous dramatics of the  actor Christoph Waltz…….Tarantino’s films have no truck with reality ,of course. They mess about with time and  human foolishness  but are ultimately  better than most good popcorn.

The wife was right of course. It had probably been on television  many times before, so it was back to “the View”.This time a raddled grouping of our local Norneverland politicians had been assembled to pick over the bones of the Non -Agreement Talks ,just ended in time for Santa’s arrival and the holidays. Just in time to be buried under a mountain of food and drink.This had been on television many times before too, so it felt like a re- run of amateur dramatics. Everyone looked well -fed and composed, possibly having just let out their collective waists .Their jobs were obviously safe for another while so they were relaxing in palpable complacency.That’s is where I really began to twitch as the cliches began to ooze and flow..

….suddenly…all bets were off…all in due time…any port in  a storm……as plain as the nose on your face ….kicking that can down the road …at the end of the day… the crow flies….as useful as a lead balloon….as ye sow so shall ye reap….asleep at the wheel….at the crack of dawn…at the drop of a hat….at the eleventh hour….at the last minute …he had an axe to grind…backs were against the wall …with this deal breaker…but we were back from the dead anyhoo…..and back in the saddle….never minding the back stabbers …for one moment….but there was bad blood…and in the end of the day…it was a bad call…

.Well if you had a ….bad hair day like TV Mike was obviously having  …or were… as bad to the bone…. as Broken Mouth , Gregory Cam Beal… would take your …bags and baggage …and your.. half-baked …ball of wax …and kick that ball back into your court….too !!!

I should have stuck with the the Tarantino film ; at least he knows how make the best  use of cliched  situations …..and they call this entertainment….sorry …politics!!.


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