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I was thinking that somewhere like North Korea  might be the kind of place that would suit some of the local politicians in Norneverland.I know we’re not quite on a par with that other Looking Glass world, but certain statements  by our local DUP minister , Sammy Wilson ,set me to thinking. He might actually enjoy that level of social  control  in a place like  Kim Jong un’s Korea. They could be brothers in arms. There are even physical similarities.

It seems that in some parts of  the Unionist mindset, there resides the idea that far from being the very British voice of the nation, the BBC is actually a very different beast after all. In Sammy’s eyes, it is actually a hotbed of very “un -British” individuals. He sees it as a repository of pinkos. commies, left-leaning,English  republican ne’er -do- wells, whose voices threaten everything he holds dear.Mr Wilson feels that, far from being Dear Old Aunty Beeb, the heart and soul  of a  particular nation’s identity  and a  world -wide  transmitter with  a reputation for  a certain even -handedness, steered  with a level hand on the tiller of programme-making, the BBC is really not for him.He’d prefer the  option of not paying the licence fee at all and would throw the transmitter to the mercy of a  free market. This, bearing in mind , while knowing that the BBC is already  known all over the world for the quality of its performance.That “quality” is grounded in the fact that the transmitter does not have to please advertisers and their manipulations.It is free to create.Many Irishmen wouldn’t want to pay that fee too, but for completely different reasons.

I believe Mr Wilson would be happy enough with the BBC if it broadcast only what suited Sammy’s agenda . A bit like Putin in Russia.You can understand that if someone, for example,  as eminent as David Attenborough is constantly banging on about evolutionary theory disguised as wildlife programmes about wee, cute  animals ,that someone who believed in  the absurdity of Creationism, or felt that Global Warming was a  communist plot to destroy freewheeling capitalism , might not want to hear any of that mind-melting reality.All that stuff , based on real science and carbon -dating , as opposed to fairy stories.

Education is the real threat to politicians.It would suit them to control all of that.

I was reading about Korea’s ruling dynasty, and in particular  Kim Yong II, the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, before his portly son inherited the reins of power.The entire edifice and Kim himself,  was build on misinformation and fantasy, becoming something of a national personality cult . Even the Dear Leader’s origin story was a construct with no basis in fact.We’ll call them the “Three Kims” for ease of understanding. Kim , the Stern One founded the North Korean nation at the end of World War Two and followed with the Korean War of 1950-1953.His son, Kim 2, took over and  even his date of birth is  a lie , made up to suit a fabled, heroic origin story .

Dates of birth were manipulated to suit the story, so his entire life was spun out as an illusion. That’s an easy thing to do when you can control the media.While the nation were not allowed any  contact with the  forbidden ,outside world , Kim2  revelled in secret , Western culture ,collecting ,and  an avid fan of Hollywood and a  lover of action films such as the James Bond series.As the economy failed, his answer was to steal money and technology from anywhere he could get it. He thought that a nation’s film industry was  a sign of its health  but he knew that he hadn’t the national talent to produce a viable product. The logic of theft provided the answer.

Bearing in mind that North Korea  and South Korea are still officially at war, the solution was to steal the talent from South Korea.In 1978 , while our local world in Norneverland  was aflame with social chaos, across the world, Kim actually kidnapped  the first lady of South Korean cinema; the hugely popular Choi Eun Hee, whom he lured  firstly to Hong Kong , his agents having bundled her  into a speedboat  near a deserted beach and eventually hustled the star by waiting freighter ,  to North Korea…. into the waiting arms of the  smiling Leader. This was followed some weeks later by the kidnap of her ex-husband, the  highly reputable and richly -talented “Kurosawa of South Korea”, film director  Shin Sang Ok. Choi , the star, was  treated remarkably well, and in some style, gradually being  instructed in “Leader Worship” and being  reasonably compliant , was left to her own devices .Shin Sang Ok was not so lucky and spent many years imprisoned in some of North Korea’s worst prisons for trying unsuccessfully to escape and  failing to comply. He was eventually released, no doubt having had time to think while buried in some fetid gaol. The  star couple  were  eventually re-united in their  adversity, some five years later , at a cocktail party in 1983. It was assumed that they had been finally broken like some recalcitrant horses and thereafter,  began applying themselves to making films in North Korea for the following few years .This was a subterfuge because they eventually made their escape through an American Embassy in Vienna in 1986 whilst on an international junket.Shin died as recently as 2006 , but his reunited wife Choi  still lives on in some elegance in her native South Korea .

Kim Jong II  died in December 2011 and  North Korea continues to slip into economic and social ignominy….now under the thumb of  the son with the strange Sammy Wilson haircut.

It appears that  Kim Jong Junior may share more than just that singular hairstyle and round ,glossy visage.It sounds as though Sammy might feel right at home in that kind of centrally -controlled environment too. He might draw the line at kidnappings though….


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