the shadowbatman mind control batman  and wizard 1the scorpion

The green seats of parliament in Westminster suddenly began to look very bare as uninterested ministers scuttled and clattered away like death-watch beetles, to the safety of the looming shadows and the hob-nailed soles of the Secretary of State for Norneverland as she rose to speak to the nearly empty, booming room.
The Secretary of State ,Theresa Villiers has finally published her report on the paramilitary groups , basically backing exactly what the Chief Constable has already said some months ago ,with a few extra long-winded ringing bells and piping whistles ,giving us much of the very same information that we already assumed or knew….albeit spread out interminably in the hopes that we might all fall asleep and think it was all some tortured dream. You have to ask yourself what the whole flap that unionism got itself into was all about .Given that they knew all this already. They all knew their own personal versions of it and were comforted that these versions were their reality. Given that TV Mike Nesbitt and also the entire DUP will once again go back to work as though nothing has happened, they may as well have all shared the same waking dream ; like that imaginary story in “Dallas” the old TV series , where Bobby Ewing awakens to find that the whole last series was only a dream and that everything could be re-written anew and another actress had assumed the role of his mother or whatever. A bit like a Doctor Who episode where anything goes if you twist the conundrums of time -travel until their breeches squeak {I nearly wrote something else just there!}….
They had surely assumed that they’d been sitting doing business with the IRA all these years in any case…so what’s the Big Deal? .M15 had no need making any of this report up in the first place .You might think that was more money wasted …all those hours and wages getting to this same, sad story. On the radio Edwin Poots of the DUP has been pulled in to try and explain the DUP’s actions on the “Nolan” show. I couldn’t imagine a man more unsuited to make the explanation.Then I suppose , in Norneverland , illogic is the accepted norm and form of discourse. I suppose they had to get it all off their collective chest. That need to throw a hissy fit for all the world to see…that explosion of wrath and lime -juice bitterness.Still they will always have a hard time explaining anything in this land of illogic.Nolan ate Mr.Poots and burped.
There is one extra little detail in the mix . Theresa Villiers has said that Sinn Fein is in the “nefarious” control of a mysterious “Army Council”. What we all want to know now is who or what alien presence in this pulp-fiction version of reality is this actual “Army Council”.This is all beginning to seem like one of those old Batman Chapter series from the 1940’s we used to watch at the ABC Cinema on a Saturday morning as children , with a villainous hooded presence like “the Scorpion”[ No…that was Captain Marvel!]… or “the Wizard”, lurking in the background, attempting to rule the minds and hearts of men with some mysterious mind-control machine…..down in some cellar with all those flashing and twinkling steampunk computers that hadn’t been invented yet.Who says a childhood spent immersed in science fiction doesn’t prepare you for a life in Norneverland? It’s almost a prerequisite.
Has it come to this? We now really want to know who Theresa Villiers thinks is the Puppet Master or masters manipulating Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams….the man or actual men who are pulling their strings and making them walk and talk. Martin McGuinness looked askance at the idea that anyone would have the temerity to make him twerk and jiggle and said that there was only one republican party and that was Sinn Fein.In his version , what you see is what you get.He has already claimed that the IRA no longer exists….or is at best a band of imaginary friends of paranoid uselessness.
So before we all cast another vote in any future elections, the Chief Constable and Theresa Villiers would need to show us all the colour of their evidence. I would imagine it is news to many voters that there is an “Army Council” controlling their Sinn Fein ministers in Stormont. It seemed to be news to the leaders of the party itself . Maybe they really are their imaginary friends or possibly fictional creations dreamed up by the British Government in tandem with their Southern Irish counterparts to frighten potential voters away from Sinn Fein.Now that is a thought for the conspiracy theorists to ponder and develop. The alternative is that what the Chief Constable and Theresa Villiers are speaking a documented truth. In which case it’s about time they both shared that evidence with the rest of the population because I’m sure many want to see and hear it.It’ll make a great yarn.
“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men?”…….the Shadow knows…..
It’s more than a pity that we in the public haven’t been told what the Shadow seems to know….