Right ! It’s time now to get down to brass-tacks . No more fudging or shilly-shallying .No more let the dear little half-wits  have their huge bonfires and gradually burn the entire country to the ashes. I’ve seen the stacks of pallets that are annually consumed by flames in Norneverland. Never mind, the so-called “Political ” ,or dare- I- say , “Cultural” pursuits of the dear  little fire-starters every year, there is the simple fact that what we are witnessing is the sinfully abhorrent waste of resources.

I want to know , if only out of curiosity, where the wooden pallets and possibly even where the rubber tyres originate.It is the question of the day. indeed it is a huge elephant in the room .Someone  from across the world ,even  mused a few weeks ago as to whether the wooden pallets were specifically shipped in on special barges , to be burned. The imagination reels at the idea. Even from a conservation point of view, the idea that there is this astounding quantity of seemingly perfect  wooden pallets available to be burned like so much kindling every year. This , at a time when the lungs of the earth,the  rainforests , are being decimated and cleared of timber.

There has to be something very wrong going on here.If there are so many spare pallets to be burned, why is this so? Surely  a wooden pallet is a   perfectly re-cyclable item. Even  if it could not be re-used for its original purpose and even  though the timber may not be of the best quality, there are bound to be many uses that such an immense quantity of short  timber planks  could be put to.It only takes imagination.

If there is  a never -ending variety of coloured -recycling bins for  domestic  home use, surely there is a huge black hole in the system here that a million wooden pallets is slipping through and greedily being  swallowed up. They are ending up as ashes , being wasted on bonfires.At home I am currently working two wheelie bins for domestic rubbish and garden waste , plus two boxes for glassware , cans and various plastics. My local council expects me to do this and I find no reason not to comply .It makes a bit of sense to save any resources possible, rather than wasting them.

A possible solution to the abysmal waste might be to enforce some kind of legislation, but another way might be to introduce more of the composite pallets into the system by law. It should not  be a stretch to make them fireproof either, which would immediately solve the problem.Some wag mentioned that some of the national flags that were  to be burned  on the fires proved to be made from fireproof material and were the only things to survive.If the authorities are not prepared to tackle these things on a health and safety basis, or  on  a dumping issue of criminal proportions  , surely they should try another tack where they will not have to get their hands dirty.

In the meantime , I’m still curious as to who the suppliers of these mountains of pallets are and why there isn’t a list of them in the hands of the police.I’m sure I’m not the only one with these musings.


8 Responses to PALATABLE PALLETS by Harry McAvinchey

  1. Heather July 17, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

    Totally agree legislation must be introduced to make this practice illegal

  2. sherdy July 17, 2015 at 9:08 pm #

    Simple solution, Harry – pass a law that all wooden pallets must be painted with a Union Jack!
    Could you imagine all our loyalist pyromaniacs even thinking of burning them?

  3. Francis July 17, 2015 at 10:42 pm #

    The Earths lungs are gasping, and yet vast quantities of Wood and toxic burning tyres are ignited, in what seems to be a competition between insane nihilists vying to build the biggest funeral pyres. Idiocy, lunacy and an arsonists’ paradise. If burning things us Culturally cathartic, what lies behind the eyes of those wild folk. Kearney highlighted the point that some argue better to burn effigies than people themselves….where Effigies of people are allowed to be burnt and the Law does nothing, then what when this seething burning turns to people…? And it does. This is a Police matter, and the PSNI to sit on their hands and abdicate responsibility on the grounds that the evidence is burnt…….Bullshit. Where hatred burns, so people suffer,- Simple Cause and effect. A poor fella battered to an inch if his life in Derry, then to linger and die….how many bonfires did his multiple assailants attend? Ask the Nationalist community in Coleraine how they deal with the Embers of these fires. Time to change the law, and ban all fires from all quarters. People get burnt, so Time to put the fires out.


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