magna carta 1

What a day! There ‘s a fog thickening outside. Real smoky,  soupy stuff too. I’m wondering what I should write about. I’ve started reading a book about quantum biology but I’ll not distress you all with any of that until I’ve had time to digest how  robins navigate using the chemistry and weak magnetism within their wee heads. It’s a bit early in the morning for that, isn’t it? . The local politicians have just awakened to the fact that there are people living beyond the city boundaries of Belfast who  haven’t had running water for weeks because of an industrial dispute within Norneverland Water. The lads’ pensions are threatened so they’ve stopped doing all that overtime and the water stopped flowing…as Tommy Cooper might have said …”Just like that!”.The politicians are   more worried about flying flags, of course . That’s the real topic of conversation.It always is.  Apparently some council has decided to fly a union jack flag every day of the year to assert that they are more British than the British. Help us !! There’s so little to rattle about in all that empty space between their wee ears that they can only think about  getting one -up on themmuns over there.. Ya boo…hiss and up yours ,matey, indeed! That’ll open up another old sore of course…all  that equality for the two tribes will be debated again…maybe!

Meanwhile in  Counties Tyrone and Fermanagh, in the Third World,  farmers are trying desperately to get water to feed their farm animals .Well you know what it’s like in Norneverland , …there are people living in the big cities who have never seen something like a cow or a sheep ..except maybe on television.Some of them have never been beyond  their street, never mind as far as the “country” way out there beyond  the city’s boundaries.Some of them mightn’t even know  what a cow is  or where food comes from . You know what I mean …vegetables and meat and the like.If you’ve lived on take-aways and Norneverland Fry Ups, washed down with glasses of “Bucky” all your life , or Big Macs , you mightn’t even know what food is either…., such things mightn’t bother you too much.

On another thought , you might like to remember that we are quickly coming up to the 800th anniversary of the signing  of the Magna Carta  on the 15th of June 1215. Of course there may be much hoohah  about the 100th anniversary of the Dublin Easter Rising of 1916 next year, but I think we’ll all soon discover that this year’s Big Media Project will be all things Magna Carta.The papers , magazines , internet and television will be wall to wall Magna Carta. It was a charter  based on reform of power . I suppose it was a Peace Treaty of sorts between the irascible  King John  and the  northern barons. The Pope didn’t think too much of it and  Innocent threatened to excommunicate anyone who supported it . I suppose he saw it as a dilution  of god’s power. It could be argued that it was the first time that an attempt was made to formulate a structure of common law though. Anyway , we’ll doubtless know a lot more about the intricacies behind it all  by this time next year.

  Imagine…. we’re still struggling with the  idea  of it all these years later.


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