gerry and charles

I see Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Fein, the third largest political party in Ireland, was barred from a White House reception in Washington for the Friends of Ireland.If you wanted to make some waves and encourage the voters to come out in their droves in support of Sinn Fein, that might be the kind of thing you’d do ….if you wanted Irish -Americans to vote against you. It makes you wonder who orchestrated that little piece of absurd political theatre. It’s not as if Mr Adams hasn’t been in and out of America on a regular basis in the past since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement and he has doubtless been studied very carefully by FBI agents as to whether or not he’s wearing odd socks or not.This is the leader of a really large Irish political party, after all ,and there’s all that Irish -American voting power out there watching…not to mention all those Irish back home who might be a little miffed and possibly puzzled, too.
So how does this kind of thing happen .? I shouldn’t imagine that anyone would simply book a ticket to America , hop onto an aeroplane and go knocking on the White House door on the offchance that they could gatecrash a party … would they? Surely you would have to be sent an invitation in the first place before you’d go dashing off to America ? Otherwise if everyone got that kind of notion at the very same moment , there’d be no room at the inn…eh? It would be like those old days when after the pubs closed ,students hunted in packs for a likely party to sneak into.
We’ve already seen the First Minister and Deputy First Minister swanning off for their annual St Paddy’s Day jaunt.Do they, too ,get a special invitation to join the fun or do they simply send the White house an e-mail asking the Americans to get the welcome mat out because they’re on their way for a bowl of that old green shamrock? How do these things work? What are the logistics….and why was Gerry refused? This is a guy who might just possibly be An Taoiseach sometime in the future….you’d just never know , would you? It’s not as if they wouldn’t know who he is or his history.They’d know everything. .He’s been around in politics longer than just about anybody on planet earth ,hasn’t he? He’s like Leonard Zelig , his face popping up everywhere … in photographs with Nelson Mandela , Prince Charles, Tony Blair , President bill Clinton, Ian Paisley, John Hume….. Then again, it’s possible some new young FBI agent hadn’t a clue who he was and didn’t understand all that Irish writing on his ID or passport ,or recognise him with his new nearly-there specs and hairstyle … and Gerry got fed up waiting for him to figure it all out. In any event he left after waiting for ninety minutes without getting in.
They say that any publicity is good publicity.I’d say there ‘ll be some hay to make on this little bit of business.