UDA mural

They’re talking about loyalist murals on the radio….

In the real world my honeybees momentarily stirred a day or so ago , possibly to get out for a few moments to defecate. They are really good at crossing their legs during these cold winter months but even they have their limits. There must have been a slight raising of the temperature to bring them out  for these few short moments.I’d rather they conserved their energy, though until more flowers are in bloom .it would be slim -pickings out there yet until the trees begin to show blossom.Tearing the snowdrops into ribbons will hardly sustain them .

Murals ? Eh? Those big paintings that spring up on gable walls.Apparently  the UDA has a recruiting mural up on some gable wall in Norneverland….”I wish I wasn’t in Carrickfergus….only for nights in….etc”… , encouraging  youngsters” to die on their feet rather than live on their knees in an Irish Republic”.Jeeziis !!! What fantasy  planet do these people actually live on? I never thought anyone  in the irish Republic was on their knees anyway .In fact , praying is a dying artform  down there , isn’t it? ; maybe even moreso than in this main part of Norneverland.For an illegal organisation that was supposed to be long gone , this gable wall artform , is obviously an unlawful act. Of course in Norneverland , folks have very odd ideas about the law anyway.. Yesterday they were talking about children already stock-piling tyres for  the bonfire season, some six months hence. Apparently hundreds of tyres are finding their way illegally onto bonfire sites and nobody knows where they come from either. This goes on every  year.Somehow thousands of wooden pallets and tyres appear overnight and our police servants have no idea where they come from. They just appear by magic..evn in a place where the fear of witchcraft is still high. That is truly remarkable detective work isn’t it? Is anyone ever fined  for any of this while anti -pollution laws are openly flouted? Never mind your blethering about carbon-footprints and global warming, if we want to light big fires , that’s exactly what we’ll do!!

For me , it’s not rocket science ..Somebody is being paid to dispose of those tyres and we are all charged a tariff in garages every time we change a tyre. There are rules as to exactly when your tyre will not be road-worthy. There’s a little depth  gauge to measure when your old tyre will be ready for the bonfire.Take a look at your bill next time you change a tyre . There is a charge tacked on for safe disposal of the old tyre. In essence , we are paying so that children can burn our old  carcinogenic tyres  in public places and break the law . We are compliant in breaking the laws of the land and the authorities turn a blind -eye.Someone knows where the tyres are coming from.Nobody does anything about it though. It’s hardly some child’s fault.It’s ours.Is it any wonder that many people think that our M.O.T. experience is part of an even larger money-spinning racket?

Last week, tons of  illegal tobacco were  found  which was part of the  black economy of Norneverland . This was the kind of cheap under- the -counter tobacco that was eventually sold, without any taxation ,to smokers in  the know, who enjoyed cheap tax-free fags .The authorities  found tons of raw tobacco and shredding machinery and all the paraphernalia of packaging the stuff.The thing is , this underground industry has been supported by the public for years, yet while all of this is going on in the Looking Glass World of Norneverland , you can still pull a parking ticket or get busted for speeding and fined substantially. I’m sure many people mourned when the font of their cheap cigarettes was turned off. It’s the money , you see ..It’s always about the money in some way. As long as the establishment is losing the money that’s  the only thing  they’ll chase. They don’t care whether or not a bunch of children or some old dear gets cancer by breathing in toxic rubber fumes and they don’t care whether or not the natives want to paint the kerbstones and their arses red white and blue or green white and orange….just as long as the money keeps rolling in .The money’s being lost in tobacco and fuel-laundering.That’s what they are worried about. They don’t much care if the natives of Norneverland are so thick that they want to kill each other or join armed gangs. They’re all paying through the nose for those bonfires anyway..If it all goes wrong again and the natives make a hash of it all…  there be somewhere to send and train their young soldiers again.That’s all that matters.

As far as painting murals is concerned .It is not something that is done in secret. These are huge house-sized painting -by -numbers affairs. They take many hours to prepare and execute and there is a certain skill involved….painting in all those squares takes a steady hand. Someone obviously knows who the painters are .There can’t be too many of them and there’s bound to be photographic evidence of their gradual  creation….or some idea of the painters’  past work. Of course , Nationalists are every bit as guilty of painting murals which glorify  violent groups, but as the UDA has been banned as a terrorist organisation for over twenty years , since 1992, it’s a little strange to see them putting up a recruiting poster on this kind of scale.It is certainly a little odd.

Five years ago on the 2nd of December 2010 , apparently  the “last”  UDA mural was removed. That  was in the small Ballysillan community of Tyndale. What has happened since then to stir up the UDA and require them to recruit more young men to forge more terrorism?. They were supposed to be de-commisioned anyway. Their “war” was over. Did they only pretend to be doing that? You might say ..what’s the point of  a terrorist organisation now  , other than to organise into some kind of crime gang. They’ve no real purpose anymore anyway. It seems that many in Norneverland are only happy when they can cherry-pick which laws to abide by …..just as they are happy to cherry-pick the bits of “Britishness” that they really,  really like and throw away the bits they do not …

Hopefully , like the honeybees winter stirrings , this mural will only be a momentary blip on the road  to a more peaceful future  of  common-sense.

2 Responses to MURALS . TYRES AND TOBACCO by Harry McAvinchey

  1. Ryan February 16, 2015 at 8:39 pm #

    What is astonishing is how the UDA was only banned as a terrorist organisation in 1992, It took a whole 20 years of UFF murders in order for the British Government to come to that decision……but there again, the British Government was busy running the terrorist organisation….

  2. PeadarW. February 16, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    It is not children who are geathering these tyres or putting on this animalistic display we have to endure every 11th of July it’s grown men.
    You see when your devoid of a real culture you take what you can get,it seems fitting that all these people have left after the shouting and drinking is a pile of burnt ashes.


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