It’s just being reported on the radio that Roy Keane , the footballer has just been in an altercation with a fan in some hotel .Did I hear that right? Does that mean he has inadvertently walked backwards into a spinning electrical device used for forcing air around a humid room or has he smacked a fanatical follower in the mouth? Maybe some lady was fluttering one of those Japanese, slatted, Shanhan paper jobs and accidentally poked him in the eye? That , right there , is how rumours begin.Something similar happened on radio a few weeks ago when the Scottish bassist, piano and cello player from the rock group Cream, Jack Bruce , died .I spent most of that day, somehow, thinking that it was his old sparring-partner and multi-limbed drumming- machine, Ginger Baker who had left this mortal coil. Some things are obviously lost in translation.You can only imagine how someone with English as a second language could get their head in a twist while listening to something like that…”Head in a twist” ? That , in itself conjures up some very strange pictures in the mind. We all walk through a world of Chinese Whispers, misunderstanding and mis-hearing . Most of us are only half-listening all the time, anyway . We’re waiting , sometimes impatiently ,for the conversation to include us , so that we can interject our tuppence worth of wisdom.It’s why our politicians don’t understand each other. it’s also why , even when we are reading a blog article online , we rush ahead without properly reading what has actually been said…and not what we “think” has been said., I see that although everyone and every government is “crying poverty “at every turn the idea of a tunnel similar to the Channel Tunnel which joined the European landmass with Britain has been floated .”Poverty” as a concept is also something there is great misunderstanding about and its actual meaning. It has been proposed that a tunnel should be constructed to join Ireland with Wales. I’m all for joining the dots of humanity and making as many physical connections between us all as is possible .The internet has already done that in terms of communications, so why not join Ireland with Wales? Get the whole Celtic community together . Maybe they’ll want to call it a whole new country sometime in the future…who knows?The only thing separating us is the sea and once that is taken out of the equation…..? The £15 billion proposed price would join Holyhead, Anglesey with Dublin and could be completed by the end of the century.I know…I still feel as though the 21st century has barely begun.That feeling of waiting for it to start and what might define it . So far it’s all been a bit wishy-washy. There was the cinematic 9/11 attack of course; you might say that since then “paranoia” has defined the new century, just as the paranoid Cold War defined the 1950s .By this time in the last century, 1914; a similar fourteen years into it, they were embarking on World War One..They didn’t , know of course , that another generation would be coerced into doing it all over again , twenty years later.it must a have felt awful, for families contemplating a re-run of the slaughter, especially after the waste and pointlessness first time around.. You’d imagine with all the greater communications available now in our modern world , that we’d never collectively get involved in another slaughter like that , but then again, we’re only ever half -listening all of the time .All the rest is Chinese Whispers.


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