the law is an ass

Look at it this way .I don’t think I’m alone in having some of these strange thoughts. Let’s assume that some of us believe that we live in an imperfect world. I know , for the most part  I love it and would wish to live nowhere else. I can’t imagine another planet I’d like to live on more , if you cared to ask me. Generally I love living in Ireland too. That’s not to say I couldn’t live somewhere else on the planet. I have , but Ireland  generally has much to offer. There’s the beauty of the natural landscape,  of course, and the variety of weather ; the almost daily variety of weather for those who can compare it with anywhere else.A unique little island at the edge of the known world..We sometimes say here , without any irony …”Forty seasons in one day”.

That’s not to say that this planet and my little part of it doesn’t throw up some right old questions and conundrums. We all live in a very strange world anyway, with  some very odd practices ,laws and customs.I was thinking about this quite recently .There was the high -profile case of Pistorius the Blade Runner recently that I talked about, before he was actually sentenced.I know , for example that he was able to afford very expensive lawyers to work for him. In the event of his sentence, there was much media talk about how “right” the sentence was. There was a perfect balance struck by the judge and all the rest…bladee, bladee blah!. He , apparently didn’t commit murder but instead , killed his girlfriend by mistake.You can cut that cake anyway you like , I’d imagine….but….

Most people I’ve heard talking about this simply feel, in their very bones that he got away with murder just like OJ Simpson. That would be my view from a straight forward point of view. I think that if he didn’t check to see where his girlfriend was before he shot into a locked bathroom , there had to be something very wrong with his reasoning…..or he simply killed her with four powerfull dum-dum bullets because …he was a complete “wrong un” and he lost his temper during an argument..  Who would have a gun with those kind of bullets anyway? That’s the kind of lethal tool that makes an awful mess. it doesn’t just wound someone. It takes them to shredded goes in small and comes out very big. That’s not a tool  for popping the odd grey rat for just protecting yourself .. That’s a little warzone all on its own. A weapon like that used in a small room would be like a cannon going off in a phonebox. Like I say , most people I speak to would be of the opinion that if he’s the kind of lunatic who fires off a powerful  pistol in a restaurant, then he most surely has some major problems, anyway. My wife has said , simply, that any woman with a bit of wit would avoid a guy like that like the plague….Like ebola, in fact . I think she gets it very right. There is something there that just doesn’t stack up.That’s only an opinion of course. It’s only my opinion and it obviously isn’t how the law works.

There’s something very odd about how the law works anyway. Who, for example, came up with this great idea to give someone  a sentence  of, say ten years ,and then tell them they’ll be out after five years? What’s that all about?  Why not just give them five years in the first place and be done with it .? Maybe someone out there in cyber-space can help me with that one.To me that’s straight out of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.How did we ever get to this?Apparently our Mr Bladerunner could be out in a matter of months anyway. There are people , like the girls who smuggled the drugs in Peru last year who are serving longer sentences .They may not be perfect [Who is?} , but they never fired a gun off in a restaurant or killed a woman behind a closed door with a small cannon.

Then there’s David Cameron’s latest hissy fit about having to pay his bill to the EU of €21 billion .Apparently this is something that has been coming since 2007 and was agreed to by EU leaders including Tony Blair, but David Cameron thinks the timing is a bit of jiggery -pokery and is connected to some Brussels mandarins loathing of him , so  he’s refusing to pay it .. Reneging on agreements is nothing new , of course.We’re well used to it here in Ireland. His new best buddies in the DUP are past masters at breaking promises. I suppose he could refuse to pay and accept the resulting fine . Apparently the fine from the European Court of Justice would amount to  a paltry{by comparison} €200 million . It just might be worth it in that respect to pay  the fine  and break his promise. The price is right, isn’t it?.


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