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What was it ? 350 million people throughout the world watch “Top Gear”. That’s that show about motor cars , helmed by a group of super-annuated schoolboys,  enthralled by car-pornography. The world-wide love of metal machinery and its fanatical adherents . 350 million of the beggars!!  I  really must be missing something.Somehow , I really don’t think I am, though.

Throughout the world ,ancient monuments are being torn asunder by philistines, wars are raging. In Norneverland  there is yet another crises of government…Crisis …? What crisis? ….and for two days the main news story has focused on Jeremy Clarkson, apparently the indispensable leader of  this television  trio.Mr Clarkson has by all accounts been in a fracas with his producer ,over lunch or possibly about his lunch, so himself and his television show have been suspended from active duty. No one likes to come out and actually say that someone  has been fighting ,or actually exchanging  blood and bone blows in a tussle of fisticuffs and bad -temper ,with producer Oisin Tymon.,  but it certainly seems that way.

If you or  I  were caught at same while at work …we’d simply be gone … question. It seems that Mr. Clarkson used some racist expletives before smacking his Irish producer in the face , rendering said producer, hospital -bound with a split lip and blood freely flowing.Strong drink had previously  been taken, by all accounts and the end result was that Clarkson’s  case of the “munchies” and subsequent exhortations  for hot food were not met with enough compliant obsequiousness from all concerned . Clarkson has some past form with his errant behaviour, but that is supposedly part of his “charm” in an overtly  politically- correct world and a great part of his popularity. It all appears to have gone to his head and made him feel licensed to do anything he so desired.

Then , again there’s a lot of money at stake, too. This programme obviously makes a lot of hay for the BBC so they are probably in a financial bind as to how to proceed. If they sack Carkson outright, they’ll lose a prize cash -cow to some other Channel like SKY, but if they don’t do something radical with him, they could find themselves inside another scandal of Jimmy Savile proportions. Clarkson has some previous form with bad behaviour .

Some 500.000 people have already signed a petition to save Clarkson’s job. Well that’s well and good if he is an innocent party , but what if he’s just a bad-tempered boor who thinks that his popularity allows him free rein to do whatever he likes? Is that what these 500,000 people really want?

This is all of such national and international importance that even the Prime Minister of the UK , Mr Cameron, has weighed in with his view …”Because he is such a huge talent and he amuses and entertains so many people, including my children, who’d be heartbroken if Top Gear was taken off air, I hope this can be sorted out, because it’s a great programme and he’s a great talent.”

Really?….It’s a programme about cars, for Chrissakes!!  Mr. Cameron is only one of many who need to get a little perspective.


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