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Prince Andrew…? Is this man a total idiot? Discuss.

Then again , why bother at all? It’s such a lovely day today .It’s one of those unexpected days in January when the sun is screaming out into a brilliantly clear sky. The post -Christmas doldrums are held in abeyance for a short while. It feels so good to be above ground and breathing.

You’ll understand, I started this New Year, not with the joys of life,  but as an attendee at a very unexpected  funeral.This time of year can sometimes be the saddest time .It is the focus and  remembrance of times past; a necessary pause in our lives, to maybe assess our progress  through life’s decades or  to simply rally  and collect our thoughts. It can also be brutally real and it is a savage moment when death can unexpectedly claim one of our family or friends  amidst the otherwise manically cheery  celebrations and booze-fuelled bonhomie. It can be literally heart-stoppingly brutal.

But back to Prince Andrew . …

It’s all  that the press and the world are talking about but is anyone really surprised by this latest scandal? I somehow doubt it. This particular outrage has been a lifetime in the making and it’s recurrence now also threatens the Clintons coming attempt at a new White House tenancy in the near future  . Hillary has her eyes on the prized Presidency of the USA. You see old  cigar -chomping , twinkly eyed , husband Bill has also some tenuous  connections to the convicted paedophile at the centre of the affair who apparently supplied underage  young ladies to “entertain” his high- profile friends. Apparently the sainted Robert Maxwell’s daughter is also involved and has been described  as both a madam and a procurer.There are also other world leaders involved apparently…major political movers and shakers.Then again , they all put their trousers on the same way every morning so in this case they’ll probably each take them off the same way.

Apparently Prince Andrew has found himself in the frame again for supposedly consorting with a young underage prostitute .She’s all grown up now and happily married but she wants to get the record straight  and record her version of history for posterity.

There ‘s nothing new in any of this , of course . We all know that money and power will buy anything .We also know that  this will all be covered up , altered or suppressed on a monumental scale.We’re not dealing with grubby, tracksuited   Jimmy Savile here or beardy, weirdy  Rolf Harris . It could be argued that someone like Harris  at least was a talented man , but Prince Andrew has never shown any proficiency for anything other than spending money that he didn’t earn. Guilty or not , Prince Andrew will never see the inside of any police cell. His mother Her Maj , the Queen of England would turn over heaven and earth to protect her errant offspring. High octane lawyers and advisors will be wheeled out with pots of black paint to merrily paint all the white squares  the right tone again. There’s even talk that if it comes down to the wire , there will be an immunity clause for any royal caught with his pestel in some young lady’s mortar. In other words this particular family grouping will somehow be placed above and outside the law …the ultimate outlaws.

Of course, they can only do this because there is a compliant population allowing them to do it.Republicanism never took hold in England as it did in France or America ,so the people are still not really citizens at all .They are still subjects to a family of privilege and that is what they still want to be at this moment in time. Prince Andrew is one result of that, but there have been others and Prince Harry may shape up to follow in his uncle’s footsteps .The public seem to love him and may be prepared to allow him full rein and possibly even full reign{ You’d never know!}… in the future too.It really doesn’t matter whether or not some of the family loved the Nazis , were closet racists, or gluttonous, mad sex fiends , the public love the continuity of this particular pompous circus. ..warts and all.There’s already another generation of them being prepped for “Hello” magazine.When Kate’s latest offspring is born , all of Andrew’s sins  will be forgotten for another few years.

This kind of thing has a very long pedigree. If King Henry V111 didn’t like the law , he’d make damned sure that it would be changed to suit him.

We only think we live in changed times.It’s one of life’s  greater illusions…


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