Somebody’s having a laugh ….right? I know Norneverland is the land that time forgot ;the land where the magical toadstool in the sky emanates its rays of madness and moonshine ; a place where all the denizens have been damaged by the gloomy  clouds of rain -radiation laden , sodden,  nuttiness, permanently hanging overhead.Indeed a place where the tribes annually make offertory fires to the sky gods and march incessently to proclaim their servitude.

Near  a home somewhere in the land, in a place quaintly named Carrickfergus…possibly appelated  in honour of that  long-forgotten dirge that was sung by ancient sailors some fifteen long  centuries ago while they pined for lost lands and lost loves….”I wish I was in Carricferg……”,  someone has erected a Union Jack, A Southern  American Confederate flag and a German Swastika. There they hang theatrically  as a set-piece, together ; hands across the world , sharing their ancient ideologies , although miles apart in distance.That’s what I would call covering every eventuality  and proclaiming your utter lunacy to the wiles of the four winds. The flags  fluttered balefully near the site of one of the neo- pagan bonfires ,erected each year to appease the  many -headed spirits that stalk the night-time skies..

Many beyond Norneverland are asking themselves what are the arcane connections between these occult symbols and what is their mystical  power. Why would anyone bother to buy and display such things, if not to ward off the demons that plague them like the ancient scapulars still worn by the religiously inclined . It occurs to me me that similarly decorated scapulars may still be worn at night-time by these  same natives , or permanently as small medallions , wrist ornaments, or possibly even as  indelible tattoos.They might not be removed even while bathing , all the more to offer the protection they obviously infer.

Sociologists may yet  need to make a deeper study of these curious tribes and their strange and ancient rites to better understand  the cultural adherence to so much  assorted symbolism.


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