polar bear

I was wondering if a hunger strike might work in relation to Twaddell Roundabout{If you’re not sure what refers to , just Google it} . You’d never know until you tried, would you?There’s not much written  about  that whole situation in the mainstream press , but the assumption is that there is a cadre of  men trapped like North Pole explorers in their tent awaiting the winter’s thaw.These men have marched into a cul- de- sac  and are now  entrapped , unable to get home to their families.  Apparently they are living in a small caravan which they found abandoned at the edge of a crevasse and are currently eking out their meagre rations of prawn potato crisps and capfuls of Buckfast fortified wine, in the hope that rescue might be imminent. There’s a human interest story to be written  there , isn’t there? What about their grieving families and their  children crying “I want my daddy home for Christmas!”. Supermarket magazines would be full of this . it would be blazing out in red and blue from “Now”, “Grazia”  and “OK” . Bob Geldof would be cussing and fussing and making a special Christmas record with a raft of second-string pop stars. A  rescue plan would be mounted by the governments of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.The cry would go up …”Get Our Boys Home!”.

  Most of us would have no notion of crossing the  Niagara Falls or the Atlantic Ocean, alone in a barrel , for example, but some  people are driven to climb Mount Everest, although a lot of them die in the attempt; some will throw themselves off the top of mountains with only a skimpy flying suit and hope to fly safely earthwards or launch off on a snowboard; some will rise in a balloon to the edge of space and jump out with nothing but a silken parachute.These people  are what is called “Risk Takers”. Some might say “They’ve a wee want in them”. Well , maybe , but it takes all sorts of adventure-seekers to ever get anything done in the world.These men at Twaddell Rounabout are obviously cut from that same heroic, if foolhardy, cloth .

In Nornneverland political talks were afoot and the hope was that with the unveiling of the Big Theory to Solve Every Problem in that benighted land , the Twadellites would be part of a General Reprieve and  money and supplies  could be somehow budgeted for  their rescue by Christmas 2014. With the collapse of the Big Talks again , they may have to wait until this time next year for another window of opportunity. It’s a seasonal thing , you see. These talks only happen a few weeks before each Christmas . Can they survive? These talks look like they could run annually  for at least another generation or two….possibly right into the  twenty-second  century.

So what are we to do ? Anyone living outside of Norneverland may be totally unaware of the inhospitable situation . Currently some £12 million sterling is being spent annually to police this area with sharpshooters, ever on alert to kill any rampaging polar bears which might enter the zone and attack these plucky explorers .Even with that financial spend, there are not enough men nor money available to perform a rescue .It is a step too far.The government can only spend that kind of money on water meters  , ministerial underlings and the like. The UK Prime Minister, Mr Cameron has already stated that there is no more money .There is one possibility which might just change the public’s mood and raise them from torpor .If a message could somehow be be passed out , maybe by pigeon or raven , that a hunger strike was imminent, maybe then  the authorities would finally take note.

If they are abandoned much longer by this penny-pinching government , they’ll starve to death anyway. Prawn crisps and Buckfast wine will not last forever and really offer very little sustenance anyway .What have they got to lose? Life can’t be much fun , living for years in a leaky caravan. A hunger strike to the bitter end might just be the ticket. Either way it’ll solve the problem of the annual £12 million spend.


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