What if the Assembly was suspended or closed down for good?

Would anyone out there notice?I don’t think most people would , even though our politicians would begin to kick up an unholy stink to eventually  remind us .Sinn Fein have been playing hardball politics with their take on Welfare Reform, much to the displeasure of the DUP. It’s no secret that the Conservatives have been trying to dismantle the original  National Health Service for years. The Health Service is something that goes right against the Tory grain.It was probably the most important thing to have have happened in UK society  and was something that saved women and families from  death, ill-health ,penury and total dependence on their sometimes errant menfolk. It was a social revolution.The social principles of the Health Service were very  clear and they didn’t arise from nowhere  which is very obvious if anyone has read any of the writings of George Orwell. The health service was to be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which meant that people’s input was to be in accordance with their  means. We could probably all agree that the version of  what we’d call “poverty” now and what “poverty” was seventy years ago are two entirely different animals. Back then, poverty  meant things like  stinking slums, TB and rickets.Now it means not being able to afford a proper carryout or a new cellphone.Maybe that’s a little cruel as an observation but you’ll get my drift .We live in differing times.

For all of that , the Health Service is a wonderful creation and well-worth preserving . Human beings will always find ways to abuse any system, of course ,and there is no doubt that the Health Service has suffered abuse.Left to their own devices  I’d imagine the Conservatives would rather not have it at all.Their ethos is that the rich get rich on the backs of everyone else.

As for our  own Assembly , split down the middle as it is like some awesome Pushmepullyou beast…  how long can it exist, as it faces two ways at the same time and agrees on precious little? No one seems to care very much .The latest scare about its imminent demise  is not even  front page news in the papers, even though the big guns{SIC} of Sinn Fein met with the British Prime Minister yesterday.The fact is that one of the major news items on yesterday’s local television news was an article about seagulls and the possible need to cull them in Belfast and other cities.

Popular consensus seems to be that a similar cull of our politicians might not be such a bad idea. The feeling is that they spend so much time waffling and talking and are vastly overpaid. It’s irrelevant how many hours they put in if  the results are terrible .Exam results at the end of term are all. If the Assembly was suspended for a few years , all the awkward stuff  that they can’t  and will not agree on ,could be sorted out from Westminster  …things like introducing gay marriage in Norneverland as a right, pushing through  proper hate laws and banning wooden pallets .There’s bound to be something I’ve missed but that might be a start.

Culling seagulls….?I’ve just built a little bird table and I’m off to  feed  all those  little feathered  beggars.


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