IRA WEAPONSWhat is going on in the republican movement ? Is the IRA defunct or not? Everyone really needs to know this . I think we assumed that when they decommisioned their arms all  those years ago that they were finished  with all of that .We assumed that the conflict had run its course and was found to be essentially pointless.

Much of Sinn Fein’s upsurge as a political player is anchored on the fact that there is no IRA anymore. That’s why the SDLP lost all their voters to Sinn Fein, isn’t it? Isn’t that the stark truth? The SDLP under Hume and Mallon were strong political players , but the game exhausted them both. Sinn Fein scooped up their voters because they seemed to be in the ascension.

It appeared that Sinn Fein had finally jettisoned their weaponry and armed rump and set sail on a new adventure.This is important stuff. If the IRA still exists as an organisation, it will not just be unionists who will think twice about supporting the republican movement . Many people believe that the IRA is gone forever and is an anachronism…as part of the past as  is the dinosaur.That’s a fact.They didn’t support them when they used guns, after all. It was only after they gave up the armed struggle that their vote increased, surpassing the SDLP.We’ve all  had nearly twenty years to build something new and a lot of people , especially younger people who have no memory of the conflict, will need a clearer picture painted. There has been much hard work done that could so easily be wasted  and there are many political forces north, south and in the UK who might want to damage Sinn Fein..

We know that many loyalist terrorists haven’t gone away,and that is constantly mentioned, and indeed emblazoned on gable walls, but they have no real solid political representation at any credible level….or so we are led to  assume by voting patterns.  If ex-IRA men { or new recruited IRA men}  are  working as gangsters  and gunmen in the background  which threatens a  real political movement , why is that? 

The days of an armalite in one hand and a ballot-box in the other have had their day. The likes of Danny Morrison would say that himself. They are of no real use to any of us. If that is really the case they are actually in the process of dismantling any progress that has been forgedEveryone seems to have an “expert” opinion  but nobody has any actual “facts”. i want to see those “facts” because by nature, i don’t believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists.I don’t believe that there are little grey men landing in UFO’s either. The part of me that enjoys a really good yarn wants to believe in these things , but the rational side of me thinks otherwise. So I want to know if the IRA exists and i want to see the facts .

This recent murder which is claimed to have been carried out by the IRA has the potential to bring down everything . There are many who already want this to happen right across the political board. {Or possibly pretend to want this , because I don’t know where some of them would get better wages}. Some unionists want it to happen as do some dissident republicans.We assume that they are some mad minority on the fringes who have not the complex ,political savvy or intellectual wherewithal  to think their actions through completely  and would much rather play the quick -reward, revenge game of the occasional kill than think too deeply where that kill might lead.

They all have their reasons but if  local government should collapse into madness  and mayhem again,what could possibly replace it that was any better than the deal we all got  already ..and who would it best help and   advance…..north and south?