Don’t tell me that Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) man Sammy(there’s no such thing as Global Warming) Wilson ,has agreed with comments of a racist nature .It appears so at first hearing .Should any of us be surprised? I don’t really think so .This seems to be only more in a long litany of similar comments from DUP ministers who are having problems dealing with the modern world and the racial mix that has changed society here . Someone should make a list.Maybe start it with “Save Ulster From Sodomy” and go from there.It would make grim reading.
I’ve got to tell you that i’d almost despaired of some of our ministers not putting their huge feet in their mouths anytime soon. I wondered had they been instructed by their party leader Arlene Foster to just shut their mouths and say nothing that might rock the boat. Just shut the fuc up for a month or so before the buggers laugh us out of town!!
I was all at sea for maybe two or three weeks there. Life had become somewhat boring without the normal political freakshow of wittering malcontents that we’ve grown used to.Where were the obnoxious neanderthal clowns we had as our daily bread for entertainment? Where were our DUP ministers with their flat-earth minds? Why were they so quiet? Nelson McCausland was wittering on television a couple of weeks ago, smirking and chittering like some pubescent schoolgirl about a comic he wanted censored because he didn’t like the content.He was like Dr Frederic Wertham banning horror comics in the 1950s, but that was small potatoes.
We know how the DUP feel about muslims, gays , Charles Darwin , Nelson Mandela , David Attenborough , the Irish language , nationalists …and anyone else who isn’t a narrow -minded conservative bigot. It’s obvious Sammy believes he is somewhat witty , if only in a broad cack-handed, gormless sort of way . He may well be a personable sort of character in a social situation , albeit with an inflated sense of himself and his own omnipotence , but now he appears to have come out as a closet -racist too. I don’t believe too many will be surprised, if I’m honest .I’m not saying that racism doesn’t manifest itself right across the political divide in Norneverland. It’s there in casual unvarnished , quiet conversations across the board, but it appears to be very apparent within the DUP. Whether it should be part of any politician’s vocabulary in any modern government is another thing.
If someone ,in any other place other than Norneverland uttered such thoughts aloud, alarm bells would ring loudly , he would be opposed by every right-thinking person in the community and suspended from his position immediately until the evidence was studied. His flippant response was to blame the messenger.Either he agrees with these statements and simply let his guard down on this occasion ,while thinking he was off-camera, or he doesn’t believe them at all .In which case the (agreement)statement should not have been uttered at all .
It would be difficult to make a positive case for Sammy in this context. He simply didn’t disagree with the statement.Had he been in a Westminster cabinet he would have been forced to resign as a racist.His actions could not be interpreted in any other way.
There hasn’t been an apology from either the DUP or Sammy Wilson .There has been a carefully semantically structured response issued as a holding measure by the party to avoid any judgement of their party member. They have not condemned him in any way.Maybe they are hoping that it will all blow away in the wind.At the moment, though , he appears to be at odds with his party’s stance.
For such a statement to come from the mouth of a DUP member needs much more than an apology but it does open up the debate about the racism that appears to be inherent in Norneverland.