codology2Oh dear…It’s looking like our old self-publicist and all round sanctimonious busybody,public  jester and poltroon to the kings and queens of our unionist inclined neighbours…the one and the only   ….Willie Frazer, is about to do some gaol-time in the near future at the behest of George Galloway’s solicitor. Gorgeous George is in the process of suing him for …let’s see…being a prat?…No …Apparently Mr Frazer , with his fairly limited acess to  the Queen’s English has called Mr Galloway  a “tramp”… a veritable king of the road…and “scum”…the  oily, filmy layer that clings to the surface of Willie’s bath every time the bespectacled -one breaks wind….or possibly the greeny algae that laps around the edges of his duck pond. As an aside he also accused Mr Galloway of consorting with a variety of terrorist types, not to Willie’s liking. I dare say ;  had the “terrorists” been to Willie’s liking, he would not find himself facing the poorhouse sometime soon. Willie’s form of personal terrorism takes the form of episodic, noisy  demos  against the Noise Abatement Society and the odd fearless shopper..

If  Mr Frazer doesn’t do gaol-time , his supporters will be shaking plastic begging  buckets  at traffic lights for the next three or four decades, begging  to stave off the prospect of the re-possession of his home and assets. You might even get your windshield wiped cheaply well into the coming century. Mr Galloway has previous form in these games and has had quite some success.There can be no doubt that Mr Frazer is something of a publicity junkie and will take on any conceivable stunt in the notion that all publicity is good publicity, but this latest exhibition brings into focus his vulnerability and  could evolve into a care issue which could see him pushing the self -destruct button.

What is it with a certain kind of fanatic in Ireland that there is a willingness to prostrate themselves on a metaphorical cross and offer themselves up in sacrifice for their clan? Mr Galloway, like him or loathe him, is a past master at hoovering money out of the pockets of  anyone, either intellectual or the intellectually challenged , so why would some poor, foolish man like Oor Wullie even believe he had the  smarts to take him on ? .He was bound to lose before he started. This kind of naievity  seems to be endemic in Ireland among a certain kind of person.Willie believes that anyone who doesn’t have the same point of view as him is automatically part of a  whole “Terrorist Conspiracy” that straddles the world.

Does he hope that by keeping company with the likes of Ruth Patterson and the English Defence League, a judge will see him favourably as a tragic case in need of  mental health care rather than penury or imprisonment and give him a fool’s pardon? I suppose that is one way to insulate yourself against possible future legal action… Somehow, I imagine that George Galloway has other fish to fry. He’s already made a financial killing at the Ulster Hall because of the publicity Willie and others have generated for him, but this is surely seen as his just dessert.Last time he scored with a lawsuit ,against the Telegraph in 2003 , it bagged him £150,000 plus, after a failed appeal in 2006,legal costs of about £2 million….

That  must have bagged him a lot of herrings. How many big fat cods will this new adventure net him?


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