einstein 1

Well I have a choice here. Do I listen to this programme about General Relativity on Radio 4 or do I switch over to Radio Ulster and listen to a murder of political pundits arguing the toss as to how and why Nigel Dodds decided not to become the new leader of the Democratic Unionist Party{DUP} .
At the moment, Einstein’s theory and talk therof is holding my attention …This stuff always interests me; a totally different way of thinking about our universe.At the moment we are discussing the stubbornness of genius,. Einstein was driven by his predecessor Newton’s theory of gravity and his falling apple .In his mind it didn’t fit ,somehow. It didn’t fully hold together as if there was a key missing . Sure, Einstein got stuck in a rut afterwards, finding nothing more of substance hiding in the dusty corners of his mind , nothing to really add, leaving many others to pick at the crumbs of his radical idea in the years to come .Einstein discovered the geometry of the universe and discovered there was no magical force holding all of it together.He had a “happy thought ” while travelling in a lift that weight was an effect of acceleration and that we were really all just gatherings and groupings of matter in space and time” pushing and pulling our various densities against everything else . The simplest way to look at it is that it’s why you can actually sit on a chair without falling through it .Everything we know since 1905, 1915, 1919 is based on Einstein’s idea and the discovery of the effects of acceleration and the idea of the geometry of space-time.What a wonderful thing to think .Physics and higher mathematics, talk of the “beauty of the theory” and of it’s elegance and simplicity. There’s the way massive objects bend and force space-time as if pushing against that rubber in that sheet.
I was okay until discussion took a turn and began talking about Edward Norton Lorenz and that Fourth Dimension. His “Chaos Theory” took some concentration and I believe I’ll have to take another few runs at it before I can totally absorb and leap over that one. I have to admit Immersion since childhood in comics had given me a great grounding in science fiction ideas which had been inspired by all of this and the absorption of the whole series of the 1960’s “the Outer Limits” and “the Twilight Zone”, also helped naturally enough .That was all mind-expanding stuff.You’d need to do four years of a physics degree to begin scratching the surface of all of this so a few years studying Fine Art might only begin to scratch the surface .Picasso , obviously got the gist of it,, after all what with his Cubism.
The theory inspired the idea of “black holes” which in turn had the Starship Enterprise hurtling across the galaxies , the Tardis careening to the end of time and described the behaviour and nature of our universe with some grace.The programme and discussion all ended too quickly without adding too much to what I’ve already long-since absorbed ,so I switched back over to the “Nolan Show” on Radio Ulster to hear from all the people who weren’t interested in any of that old tosh but were hung up on the idea that Sammy Wilson might throw his hat into the ring as possible leader of the Democratic Unionist Party{DUP}.
They had already diced and dissected that one when I returned and instead , Dawn Purvis was on talking about lack of unionist political leadership in relation to the education of Protestant children and why these Protestant children were under-performing compared to their Catholic counterparts.Well Norneverland is a strange little world, possibly a parallel world , beyond the known universe ,after all. A magical place where the laws of the real universe do not append, peopled by some very strange people with some very intriguing ideas.
“A tendency towards elitism in the Protestant community” is the problem according to Dawn Purvis . Now “elitism” is a wonderful word to conjure up. Could it possibly be a character trait running through some of the denizens of Norneverland , that is part and parcel of our other political problems, even extending to the behaviour of some of our more bumptious politicians in power?
The dictionary defines elitism like this : the belief that a society or system should be led by an elite.
1.”local government in the nineteenth century was the very essence of elitism”
2.The dominance of a society or system by an elite.
3. The superior attitude or behaviour associated with an elite.”
Now think of the behaviour of some of our DUP representatives in local government in the recent past,with reference to “rogues” “renegades”, muslims only fit for” going to the shops “, homo-sexuals…..or the bumptious, and glowering “Mr Toad” performances of Sammy Wilson in the past and even in this past week or so and you begin to realise there is a behavioural pattern.These are the words coming from the voices of some of our governmental leadership and they appear to be a well entrenched character trait.
Like I said , it would take someone like a latter day Einstein to sort out some of these problems.