You’d think that the world was wholly misogynistic if you cared to read and listen to many of the recent newspaper, magazine, radio, television and any other media articles  of recent vintage .Women are being treated abysmally throughout the world .You’d imagine that the feminism of the 1970s had never happened and that many   women had not yet been educated .

Russia, South Africa, Ireland , the UK, America, India …the Taliban …they’ve all featured recently in pieces related to crimes against women. Recently there have been two very high-profile cases involving the murder of  very glamorous young women .In the news stories, the murdered women are the cause of the stories but are all but forgotten in the ensuing  courtroom dramas that their deaths inspired.Their lives become secondary to picking through the bones of the  South Afrrican Bladerunner ,Oscar Pistorious or the Indian  Shrien Dewani in whose shadows their brutal deaths occurred . Both these deaths were murder statistics in South Africa, a country which has the unholy boast of being the repository of the world’s worst gender-related violence.In a nutshell, you’re not really too safe living in South Africa as a female.

It is not simply the cases of these two young women, but rather  some of the statistics that have been bandied about as though they were the actual reasons and somehow the enabling context of the killings .The value of female life is left seeming very suspect and exposed as being of less value than the male protagonists..Mistreatment of women ,in many cases seems endemic. It has almost acquired a normalcy as though this is what should be expected in our societies. There is something very odd and very wrong going on that is both distasteful and ultimately poisonous , in certain sections of male society and maybe even in the male psyche.We all have had  a mother.Some of us have sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters.What has happened in some societies and micro-societies ,where it is thought normal to treat women as chattels, sexual toys , second class and ultimately disposable citizens?

Stories of female slavery are abundant .Young women pimped in parts of England by gangs is too  obscenely close for any kind of comfort.If South Africa holds the Olympic Gold Medal for the worst case misogyny, why is that so ? Why do South African men beat, rape  and kill their womenfolk more than anywhere else in the world ?We know that with the Taliban it is a control mechanism .They do not want their females educated and they are prepared to kill schoolgirls to prove a point.In South Africa  three women are killed each day, usually  by their partners. Rape is also commonplace. That actually means that in every eight hours you might count off , a woman is killed; usually by her partner. That’s not an oddity ..that’s a production line of slaughter.

In Russia the misogyny is barely concealed too .Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church are on the same conservative page in their opposition to anything of a feminist agenda ,  somehow seeing in its out-workings ,the destruction of their beloved Motherland.If that doesn’t sound like the blackest joke…. What they actually mean is the destruction of male domination in government and society . Their position is to shackle any advances that women have made socially and in the case of the infamous “Pussy Riot” agitprop  punk- band,  have even used gaol as a deterrent against their anti-Kremlin stance. For someone like Putin with very obvious issues of insecurity manifested in his recurring idiocies of machismo in phot-oshoots, I suppose it is another  control mechanism…..

It all leaves you wondering why any woman would choose to live in a country with those kind of values and why they aren’t queuing up to get as far away from them, and the men  in them, as is humanly possible.

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