santa 1

Do you believe in miracles?
My two and a half year old Golden Granddaughter does, in no uncertain terms.Her parents , my daughter and son-in-law, recently sent a letter to Santa Claus for her because her handwriting with a crayon isn’t just up to par yet .They might have included one of her drawings for authenticity, in the off-chance that Santa’s “Naughty or Nice ” spooks were keeping an eye on business, or Santa possibly thought some adults might be trying to pull a fly one and snaffle up some of his hard-wrought toys and sell them on Ebay.
Santa dutifully replied within days to the effect that if the Golden Grandchild would allow Santa to take away her prized “Milky” bottle and give it to the baby reindeers, who need it much more than she does, then Rudolph, Blitzen and the various other sleigh -pullers would dutifully deliver a lovely new, special, sparkley ,pink doll along with the small mountain of other presents he was preparing to cram down the chimney on Christmas Eve night for her .
Now , I, poor fool that I am, thought that it wasn’t such a bad deal if it encouraged her to give up the “Milky” and eat up her greens or any other nutritious food presented to her . After all this was a child who used to scarf up things like cheese wraps and pasta and whose favourite trick, only one short year ago , was to place a stoned olive on the tip of each of her tiny little fingers and pop said salty , fruity comestible into her mouth , one at a time , eating them down to the applause of amazed parents and grandparents. I know there are many adults who can’t yet handle the notion that the olive is a delicious fruit of the olive tree. It’s a bit like my old grandaddy sprinkling sugar on his tomatoes. He reckoned they looked so red and sweet that they should actually taste that way too.I never had the pleasure of eating an olive until I was a teenager many long years ago and here was this one -year old child wolfing them down like sweets.
Anyway….that was before the Golden Grandchild became a “Milky” addict and seemed quite happy to spend the rest of her life sustained only by constant infusions of cow -juice and nothing else….
What to do ?
Then Santa really put his foot into it.As a “PS” to his delightful letter, he’d made the earth-shattering request that he also wanted her to pay a little more attention to her teeth-brushing regime in future too. That really put the tin hat on it in her eyes.That was a real deal-breaker for her. She fairly exploded….”I Don’t Like Santa!” was the cry …….

She wasn’t having any of that at all.
Now, you have to understand that although I don’t believe in many weird and wonderful notions and things that I can’t prove to my satisfaction …like little green{or grey} men dropped from outer space in UFOs or the Loch Ness Monster , ghosts or the Yeti; Come to that , I don’t believe in miracles either, except for the one that happens every Christmas- time like some mass hallucination , where everyone loses the run of their brains and gets wired into a symphony of careless spending and merry indulgent back-slapping and over-eating , for a few days at the end of the calendar year. It’s as though there is a need to use up every foodstuff and drink the fridges dry before the world, and the year, ends. In point of fact ,it is really a world’s end drama played out where every job has to be completed by Christmas Eve and every piece of clothing bought from the shops ,before it is too late.
It’s always too late !!!
Drivers begin to drive more like that maniac who could n’t find his exit ticket from the car park yesterday and circumvented the barrier , driving up over the kerbs onto the pavement and shunting himself into the mayhem of a gridlocked “Keep Clear” box just in front of the traffic -lights , causing even further havoc by bringing all the traffic to a scrunching halt….
Crazy or what?
So , yes , there are some miracles I have to believe in because they happen right in front of my eyes every year….and it seems it was ever thus.
Oh , there’s recent talk in the press of Mother Teresa being sainted up in heaven for some miraculous work she did and a magical cure or two , but when I get down to it ,Santa Claus is the only magical imp that I believe in, Not even the Tooth Fairy comes close .I’m sure that come Christmas morning he will have cut a suitable deal with the Golden Grandchild and both she and he will make a comfortable accomodation which suits them both . I have not doubt , that a real miracle will occur ; the pink doll will arrive down that chimney and all will be well with the world.
You never know ….She might even eat her Christmas dinner too.
Happy Christmas to everyone in Norneverland …Ho, ho, ho etc.