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We are in the middle of our annual summer season in Norneverland . Schools are closed at the end of June in readiness for the sunshine and celebrations to come. I’m sure the school -children in the rest of the UK look on with some jealousy as their  own British summertime doesn’t begin until the end of July when they gain their release from class..

Our children must be  let off the scholarly leash to be available for the building of the  huge towering bonfires. I should say”bone-fires” because in Norneverland these are a different thing entirely to the simple November 5th piles lit to remember Guy Fawkes. .These fires are not the “good” fires of yore  but rather the actual bone -burning ones that are lit  to cremate past deeds and cleanse the demons from the land.

In some cases makeshift crosses and coffins containing effigies of politicians that have incurred some  personal wrath , offerings including flags   of various countries  and hated spirits are  added to the towering pyres , all the better to expunge past, perceived wrongs and fears,  to the raging , smoking skies.

There may yet come a time in the very near future, when there’ll be a need to construct such a funeral pyre in the very heart of the capital city of Belfast and burn the entire memory of the place  to the blackened ground .Every year the citizens move a little closer to this ideal and their ambition is reflected in the ever-increasing size of the “bone-fire” structures. various micro-tribes compete to build ever bigger structures, all the better to find favour with the gods.There is an obvious correlation between the base width of the build and the actual height that it can attain.The simple mathematics and the law of gravity dictate that  the base will have to get wider to attain greater heights.Next year they will aim for 120 feet in height.

If they are to be built any higher in future times, steel foundations and concrete footings will need to be sunk in Royal Avenue. Foundations are everything. They will tower higher than the  popish cathedrals and scrape the skies. Obviously this will eventually mean the torching of the entire city , but that is the direction society here is pointing to. Politicians , police authorities and most civic pundits,  stand helpless as this cult grows annually.Its obvious conclusion is to abandon first the cities and then the rest of the country to the healing flames ;the entire land laid waste at last. A veritable Year Zero aborning.,

The nebulous leaders of the cult, talk of the “demonisation of a community”. In these “leaders’ “views there is very little wrong with the direction we are going in. Fire and some violence against the police and authorities is seen as  a safety valve that needs an annual opening release. Yesterday  some of these demonised citizens attacked the police and one of those policemen’s ears was torn off when he was on the receiving end of a large chunk of masonry thrown by an irate attacker.

Part of the cult’s belief is that they are beyond society’s civic laws and should have the right to break any rules imposed on them .That sounds a little like anarchy, I suppose ,but in such a society such a response is only an extension of shouting “Out, demons, out!”


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