circus tent

We know that the Ulster Unionist Party are having the best fun in years.Their hope is that the Democratic Unionist Party supporters will will leave in droves so that they themselves can become the pre-eminent unionist party all over again with all the numbers scooped up on their side…a bit like swapping jerseys at the end of thr game, really .Much like The Who sang…”Here comes the New Boss…just like the Old Boss” .Well is that going to change anything? It’ll just be the same old clowns rooting and tooting around the sawdust covered ring, cartwheeling about under a different coloured banner.
At the moment someone has commented that TV Mike is indulging in a form of the dance the “Hokey Cokey” …or as my wife insists ..the “Hokey Pokey”…” You put you right leg in ….you put your right leg out ….in…out…shake it all about …etc..”….At the moment he has huffed out of the circus because he can’t immediately get exactly what he wants.Meanwhile MI5 spooks are trying their best to dig up some hard evidence for the Chief Constable to keep the pot -boiling and give Jim Allister something to shake his shoulders at…{Have you noticed that wee tic he has?}Before they are finished , they’ll have arrested everyone who ever voted for Sinn Fein and then start into the SDLP and the Alliance Party..
It’s a high-wire act alright. The converse of the old adage of, better to piss inside the tent than to piss outside it, is being tested. TV Mike is hoping that this will make his foes in the DUP look bad by comparison. They are still picking up their wages of course, as they ride unicycles and jape and cavort about . Politics aren’t about getting exactly what you want . They are about compromises.He is suddenly worried that republicans are killing each other in the streets. If you were a cynic, you’d imagine that any Norneverland unionist would be pleased at a result like that. Isn’t that what the UDR , the B Specials, the British Army , the RUC and a whole alphabetical army of pure- as -the- driven- snow “counter -terrorists” were in the business of doing for some decades?They didn’t need any “drone strikes” back in the day here . If they wanted the job done and someone taken out , they’d find a cheaper way than that. Yes …you’d imagine that one less republican would be a good result for any virulent unionist, wouldn’t you? …but to get two of them, even after all these years, must have seemed like a windfall…Even though every death diminishes us, as John Donne might say, it was always something, we in the absurdity of Norneverland , had little problem with before. We had became something of a death -cult nation with our staged-funerals in the past.
It appears that TV Mike Nesbitt is too much of a pedant to make much of Norneverland politics. The art of bending in the wind ….going with the river’s flow….is lost on him ,so I doubt he’ll be supple enough to wriggle through the unholy maze of slime and half-truth that is politics, to do the job properly. At the moment TV Mike appears to be on the very edge of an emotional breakdown, looking more worn and raddled as the days pass. Mind you, Our Great-Joint-Leader {SIC} ,Peter , of the DUP isn’t looking too healthy either . He’s had a bit of heart -trouble and he didn’t need all this hassle while he was trying to figure out the best time to retire. He obviously can’t just leave in the middle of a show when he’s the DUP’s top ringmaster. He was hoping for an off-season exit at some quieter date .These cosmetic ,illusury things might not matter in Norneverland politics anyway because we’ve had more than enough raddled looking political specimens cavorting through the tent over the years.It’s not always about looks. The old cliche that all politicians end in failure is looking more true as the days pass, though .
If TV Mike continues to jump in and out of the political ring on the word that Sinn Fein might allow him off this recent semantic hook that he has grabbed with both hands from the Chief Constable , he might win kudos from the wildings on the mad fringes of unionism which might boost his war chest for future elections but what good will that be to him in his old age when local government is suspended for years.?…Years? ..It could be for generations this time ! If it is proven that politics do not work here , there is actually only one alternative and that will involve both the Republic Of Ireland and the UK Government in some form of Joint Rule . The UK government has currently much bigger fish to fry with further ISIS engagement beckoning and the Syrian refugee crisis growing. The Republic of Ireland will hardly bode unilateral behaviour from the UK when they, themselves are equally involved in the future of this place for reasons of both trade and politics. Should they all throw their hands in the air and lose sight of the ball, the only alternative will be a return to violence and we all know that got us nowhere but to a killing field of bombed down streets and lots of dead unionists and republicans.Neither the UK or the Republic of Ireland want a repeat of that on their doorstep.
You might argue that because unionism never wanted to share power anyway , they have always been on the lookout for some way out so that they would be assured that there will never be any political change.They wanted all along to crash this particular car anyway. If memory serves, they had to be pushed unwillingly to get into it at all so their own plan seems to be to make sure that the vehicle never gets moving at all. Their preference is to sit in the centre of the circus ring , crammed into this clown car with their fat bellies , red cheeks and bulbous noses. One clown with a fuel can constantly pouring fuel into the tank while another holds a can underneath the car to siphon it back off. They make plenty of noise with their little horns and drums , joking and japing all the while as TV Mike ,their trapeze artist huffs just beyond the tent flaps.