WASP viespea_polybia_paulista

My, oh my….There’s still no cure for our political burgoo…the hokey, pokey, jokey,tokey, cokey continues to bubble as the bitter spices blend. All that unsaid stuff bubbling just below the surface …like how each side always used a form of political violence in the past and just might use it again ,given the right circumstances and the right connections; how the connections within the political parties with men of violence runs on through generations and both their communities..Our First minister employing the daughter , Emma Pengally {nee} Little ,of an old gun-running friend of his from his old glory days of Ulster Resistance ,as a “Special Advisor”…. like the nearly unsaid facts and figures as to why young Protestant men are low- achievers in education compared to their Catholic counterparts. Everyone talks circles around that one. You might call it all a balance of power…like buying nuclear weapons that you hope will never be used ….. Never used? Our ministers have made “never using” and “never doing” into a sublime artform.They call it a Government Of Doing Nothing At All. Some say that there is a glimmer of a resolution glowing in darkened corner. After the temper -tantrums and the huffing some compromise might be hollowed out if a parcel of words can release the DUP from the pot of sticky jam they dived into . I suppose the Chief Constable could issue some vague and wooly statement that he misread the smoke- signals and shouldn’t have said anything about the IRA in the first place.There are doubtless plans afoot in the cellars of Westminster to replace him with someone with a firmer button on his lip.
Some are wondering in which dusty box Our Great Leader found the unused “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” or “Yes Minister” unused script that he has his DUP party currently parlaying as an ongoing pantomime serial- comedy . We’ve already had our Health Minister setting a record of something like six resignations and resignings-ons in a mere few weeks. We are now expecting a large Terry Gilliam cartoon -foot to come stomping down from the heavens to crush our Stormont government underfoot and literally stamp an exclamation mark on the joke as the silver- band music parps up in jollity and the titles begin to roll at the end of the show.. Who knew that that dour-faced Peter Robinson was a Monty Python fan? Not me.
Thankfully someone out there beyond this benighted land is actually doing something rational and positive for the world and Norneverland .They have finally cured cancer and they have also discovered that the human lineage split from the chimpanzees about 10 million years ago.The Flat -Earthers of Creationism had put the date at a lowly 6000 years or less. Then again , time moves at a different speed in this Land of the Lost so their figures might jive with that interpretation.
That’s good to hear isn’t it? Curing cancer and that? If you get cancer , you might survive just as long as you are not on one of those Norneverland ,three- year-long, hospital waiting lists for treatment. If you are …don’t read any further.
Apparently there is a Brazilian wasp whose venom is able to efficiently destroy cancer cells. Now wasps are not my favourite creatures , being my honeybees feared nemesis, but I’ll give these guys a pass if they can cure cancer.You’ll understand already , no doubt , that bee venom and wasp venom are actually two very different compounds . These Brazilians wasps are quite dangerous, but the venom they secrete has the capacity to kill cancerous cells while leaving the healthy ones alone.A scientific team from a Brazilian university have explained that an experimental drug made from the venom binds with the tumour cells and causes the loss of some key molecules. More study is needed on humans to examine whether or not it is one hundred per cent safe but I’d imagine if the choice was as stark as death by cancer or meeting the Great Reaper after being stung by a particularly virulent wasp, there might be a few volunteers for experimentation …all queuing up in neat lines in Norneverland .
The wasp in question might not be wholly welcome in any other circumstance . It’s called Polybia paulista and is a particularly aggressive type of stinging insect. In Sao Paulo State University , Doctor Joao Ruggiero Neto made the discovery how wasp venom destroys cancer cells. Something in the venom binds with molecular fats burning a lattice of holes which causes the cell to lose function. That’s the problem with chemo-treatment .It destroys good and bad at the same time . This kind of sting might make more sense.
Now if only someone could come up with a cure for bigotry and bullshit we might feel like we’re making some kind of progress. Curing cancer might be the easier option than curing the hatred being taught and cultivated from birth here in the homes of Norneverland.