Why are Nationalists and Unionists on opposite sides in relation to Europe? What’s going on there?
Why do the most dyed- in -the -wool conservatives want to get away from the institutions of the European Union and why do they appear to be all of a unionist or “Little Englander” persuasion? That’s a question worth asking ,I think. Why is it that in households all across Norneverland there are people divided along political party persuasions and their parties are literally voting pro and anti EU as they would vote for flag-flying or not.
Can it be possible that every unionist out there is anti -European Union and is it evidence of some visceral hatred of the EU seated deep -down in their DNA that harks back to a distrust of the Hun and the Frog of yore. Is it that they are actually too insular to have the open-mindedness required to stay in such a broad- shared vision? i hope not, but it certainly could be interpreted in that way.
It would seem that virtually all the nationalist parties are happy to remain as part of the European experience and actually feel “European” in their bones now, but the unionist parties are not happy with this relationship at all.Why is that? are unionists fearful of membership of the EU because they see yet another dilution of their “identity”?
Well let’s see what life would be like now …. or what would it have been like without membership of the EU these past years ? We used to be in a vastly different kind of place before we joined and not in anything like a good way….
Norneverland would be a vastly different place without it ; that’s a surety.The beaches and rivers would be a lot dirtier and more polluted as would the air quality. What would it be like if we had not adopted many of the EU directives? Would we have embraced the idea of recycling our factory and home waste ,or would we have fudged all that old tosh about Global Warming and carried on throwing everything away into mountains of indestructible mire.Would we have thought of charging for or banning plastic bags which already pollute our countryside and oceans … without the influence of Europe? Would we have saved glass bottles and plastic melt them down an finally re-constitute them as new products? Would we have been able to afford to even think about doing any of those things without grants and allowances being made?
What would we have done about the proper labelling of food and the restrictions of additives to our foodstuffs? Would we have bothered about that kind of protection without Europe? Would farming be the same? What about the issues of universal safeguards and regulations for various products that have been fixed across Europe? Then there’s the fact that there is no extra paperwork at customs when goods are being exported throughout a single -open marketplace .One passport across all those countries is all you need to move away and work in any country without restriction. You can travel cheaply for sport , pleasure or work and you can choose to live anywhere as a European citizen. It has meant that you can experience new cultures abroad or in the street beside you .It has become a two-way street for everyone and in most cases it has added enrichment to our lives and our own gene-pool.
There are funded opportunities for young people to undertake study or work placements across Europe and there access to European health services for yourself or your children if they want to broaden their horizons.As well as that , within a generation there has been labour protection and enhanced social welfare. Work-places have become smoke-free zones. Equal pay legislation has been introduced along with guaranteed specific holiday entitlement with the right to work no more than a forty eight hour week without having to do overtime.
Since we joined the EU there have been improved animal welfare programmes introduced into the production of our food and wildlife protection across the EU is the strongest anywhere on the planet. That’s only the tip of the iceberg , of course.When you get into the benefits we have gained here from the support for democratic rights and human rights across Europe and beyond, the input is much more apparent .Being a member of the EU offers a blanket protection for each individual , especially in relation to socially divided places like Norneverland and countries coming out of conflict where that kind of help is needed most. With that kind of protection it is harder to misuse or bend the rule of law. Let’s face it , the rule of law has been bent out of shape in Norneverland and really needs some outside help to fix many of those mistakes and misuses.
So what is there to fear from any of these very real benefits and why are the unionists and the Little Englanders the ones with most of the fears about them? Is it all about borders and the free movement of people or is more evidence to add to that we know already of a fear of the “other”. We’ve already experienced the gay- bashing and Muslim -bashing diatribes from various individuals with strong unionist credentials,h after all ?
You really have to ask yourself these questions a couple of times.