Hoffman & Bancroft In 'The Graduate'

If you live long enough you begin to see the patterns develop.Friday is always the day chosen to re-write or tweak history. I know ,history is constantly being burnished and honed to better show the bias of the writer or the winner , but Friday is a special day.Maybe our guard is down on that particular day.

There’s something about Friday isn’t there? A lot of people going into the weekend  think differently: their mood changes at the end of the week.They are maybe happier , looking forward to the unknown  possibilities of a Friday night out  and  the freedom of the weekend. They allow the workaday cares and woes of the weekly grind to fall away for a moment and they begin to  relax.A big part of that relaxation is born out in their switching off from news and politics and maybe concentrating on sports or possibly shopping and a new hairdo. They may plan to go out for a meal and maybe see a show or  download or get a few dvd films in  to watch. It’s turn-off time. It happens in the media too .

It’s on Friday that you see lighter or funnier  stories released in the press or revelations that some people are almost forced to release , but they’d rather see  them quickly buried .You’ll see it happening time and time again when the government wants something quietly forgotten .So watch out for Fridays. That’s the day they’ll  slip something stinky through your letterbox and run off in haste…hoping you not notice or have forgotten about it by Monday.

The long- awaited report on Iris Robinson’s dodgy dealings was shuffled out on Friday last  in a completely censored and spayed  format. Mrs Robinson, the First Minister’s wife had been a colourful character even before this particular scandal broke .She had made a few waves already. Being a DUP member , it was already a given that she’d have a bee in her bonnet about gays and homosexuality . Her particular take on this sexual calling …was that it could somehow be “fixed”.  In other words , it could be made “normal”. Much like Creationism’s view on reality in face of every piece of logical evidence , she took her cue from some ancient stone-age teachings instead and decided that every piece of evidence available was wrong . She made no bones about it and managed to insult many homosexuals before her very own  take on  biblical “morality” was exposed as something of a sham when she was caught having a  sexual affair with a young man, with  whom she also used her position to provide money for a business venture.In her worldview it was abhorrent to have a particular sexual bias but it was quite  morally all right to cheat on your partner in marriage  as long as it was with a young heterosexual. The money aspect was only a  secondary hiccup. That was like a small child stealing sweets from a shop in her eyes;hardly a hanging offence at all.

This all happened on her husband’s watch and he declared that he knew nothing of  any of it though in fact  he had been cuckolded and duped within the marriage. Such is the relentless, rampant   ambition of the political mind , that  it looked at one point that the first Minister was even using this horrific expose to elicit some political sympathy for himself and possibly his wife too.

As many before her who had been caught with their panties down , she pleaded a form of insanity .It wasn’t her fault. God  probably made me do it  in some convoluted way to test my faith etc. etc…. You know the drill…. . The Yorkshire Ripper suffered from  the same kind of delusions and also pleaded that he was not necessarily at fault when he murdered young women. It’s the kind of thing that excuses all sorts of shenanigans …even sometimes crusading wars….It’ s something of an old cliche.

Whether or not the depression , “insanity” or mental illness preceded the moral tangles  and financial crimes and actually caused them or whether having been caught  blinded in the spotlight , the condition suddenly appeared as a form of shock, foolishness, social embarrassment , guilt and Post Traumatic Stress, we’ll never know; because such are the delusions and manipulations of our politicians that the answer could be either yes…no ….  or none of  the above..

Like I said . They let this stuff out into the open on a Friday for good reasons. Well at least Iris was well enough to go to Dublin with her husband to see the  Her Maj, Queen .That must have cheered her up a bit. She’ll probably soon be rehabilitated and wheeled out for another political punt some time in the future . The public always love a comeback …a survivor. It wasn’t all bad , then, Iris…


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