No …I don’t think that the British Government at Westminster is a neutral player anywhere in Ireland.That is even more to the point with the Tories taking the Democratic Uniionist Party into bed with them.That’s not to say that the Tories/ DUP is not a good fit .They are perfectly suited .Between them they’ll attempt to reverse the laws of gravity and lie through their teeth in their craving for power. Money will be the driver for the DUP. They jumped into Brexit without even vaguely considering the consequences for Norneverland of losing the EU. They simply didn’t want those sleekid Johnny Foreigners in Europe forcing them to live by 21st century rules, but they now need all that lovely money replaced before the Norneverlanders notice how piss-poor they’ve suddenly become .
They’ll be very quickly asking for a replacement for all of that lovely gelt now.Have they time to get it before Theresa May’s Conservative party implodes? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Make no mistake,though , these politicians are a greedy lot and it’s not for their voters or “their people”. All the scandals that led to the fall of the Norneverland Executive some six months ago ,were mostly financial ones and they all featured sticky unionist fingers in the till.There were plenty of other social scandals but it’s all about that money in the end, whether it’s money being burned up the chimney or kickbacks. The NAMA scandal still rumbles on in the background; Red Sky too.Then there is the “Loot For Soot”, multi -million £ loss of the RHI biomass boiler scandal which Arlene Foster supervised. Will she ask for some cash to cover her backside on that one?That’s one big backside to cover! There is so much unresolved with that one and the hubristic and mean-spirited way in which she handled it right up to her illegal one-handed ,final speech , echoes Theresa May’s similar denials, yet the ex -First Minister still expects the population to forget it all and simply get on with the show as if nothing untoward happened. If that were the case we might as well simply accept that DUP politicians are a cabal of gangsters ,with the UDA as their backup and paramilitary muscle and swallow it all down. Hang on ….what did I just say ? That obviously means that the UDA have just smuggled themselves and the Orange Order into the pockets of the Tories and will also be scrunching up on the creaking green leather seats of Westminster by proxy .The reality of that might just be starting to sink in with a party and a right-wing baying press who think that Jeremy Corbyn was simply a beardy -weirdy terrorist-hugger.
The British media will now be scrutinising the Tories and their best buddies with a microscope , so expect the DUP to pack all their Creationist/racist/anti LGBT /paramilitary/Orange etc dirty linen away in the cupboard for the short duration and watch them putting on their best anodyne faces. We here know who they really are but the British public have only just begun their own steep learning curve.