mad-cake-1What mad inconsistant world does someone live in when they believe their religious beliefs are undermined and their democratic freedom, religious freedom and freedom of speech are under threat just because they can’t abide by the civic law of the land which protects everyone without favour. That’s what the owners of Asher’s Bakery are now saying, after losing their appeal for refusing to bake a cake for a specific customer.In an Alice in Wonderland reversal of logic they want to change the Equality Laws of the land to suit their own narrow vision of reality.That is actually their current position.It hasn’t changed one jot.
It would still be a pathetic intellectual stand if it wasn’t backed by a very large right-wing fundamentalist, evangelistic religious grouping centred around the DUP and the mad insidious Caleb Foundation , whose sense of reality is hardly based on logic either. Unfortunately it is going to be difficult to live in a world where you cannot accept the Equality Laws of the land simply because you think you are a special case and beyond that law’s reach.Some of these people believe in some really irrational stuff which is why there are laws in place to protect the rest of us.
Someone should have told these bakers that they should not have been wasting the court’s time on this mad judicial adventure.When a service is offered to the general public, everyone, no matter their odd or quaint beliefs ….or none, have to be treated fairly, just as there is an acceptance of the bakers’ quaint beliefs .It does not affect your own beliefs in any way to do this.Those beliefs are your private affair , seated deeply inside your own brain and really have little to do with the act of baking cakes and the matter of their decoration or description.Any reasonable person should have seen that a mile off. Now , I’ve seen some businesses quietly promoting their own religious beliefs with tracts from the Bible and although I find this somewhat distasteful personally,I have no real problem just as long as don’t force their religious belief down my throat like some street hawker with a megaphone .


Sexuality is hardly a religious state ,in any case. It is not a belief-system that is being promoted .It is a genetic trait.It ‘s hardly something that can be foisted un-requested onto another unwilling person like a specific hair colour or hair-growth. Nobody wanted these bakers to attend a wedding ceremony if they didn’t want to go to it.That would actually be a nonsense. So what possessed these people to make such a stand in the first place? Is their religious belief so out of whack that it instructs them to break the law? Better still what would happen if they ever have gay children of their own?How would that affect their beliefs? I’ve had the pleasure of actually attending a gay wedding reception for a neighbour’s child and it was much like any other wedding reception I’ve ever been to .I also have a couple of nephews who are gay.They fit into society perfectly , so why should that society discriminate against them? They work , abide by the laws and pay their taxes just like everyone else.
Mind you….. this kind of mad and irrational behaviour is nothing new in Norneverland, Ireland .This is a uniquely damaged and out-of-kilter micro- society where every kind of rational law has been turned inside out .As mentioned before, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)have no problem standing behind these bakers while also promoting gangsterism and are avidly handing millions of pounds out to criminals while standing beside them in photoshoots ,still pretending, all the while , to have some kind of morals.They see sin in the oddest of places where it doesn’t actually exist at all and ignore it when it  is right before their eyes…